Mouse problem?

Every year when the temp drops we seem to have a mouse problem. I have tried all the mouse traps out there but it’s not working this year. We have 2 dogs and a young daughter so I do not want to use poison. Can anyone recommend anything else? Thanks!

I had the same problem. Its the cold. I got a professional in and he placed poison around. it was a safe poison and he seemed to know just where.

They are there for either food or shelter. Find out how they are getting in and eliminate the opening. Check all around the house for openings, cracks, gaps in the foundation, siding etc. Fill the holes with concrete or steel wool (the two thing that mice can’t chew through). Then eliminate the food. Store all of your food in tight containers. Garbage too. If you think like a mouse then even crumbs from the toaster are a food supply. This may be the hardest part since potential food sources are everywhere. Also, try peanut butter in an old-fashioned mouse trap -it works pretty good. Be careful about diseases that they carry. Read up on hantavirus on a health department web site. Good luck.

Use peanut butter as the bait in old fashion snap traps and place them where you find the mouse droppings. Poison in enclosed bait boxes can be safely and strategically placed about your premises. It would help if you eliminate any other source of food–put bagged and boxed food in glass or hard plastic containers. Also, try to find how they are getting into your house and close up the openings. Bare in mind that a full-grown mouse can squeeze through an opening the size of a nickle or smaller.

the only thing you can do is put traps where your daughter cant get to them. Dont use poison use regular mouse traps with peanut butter. But what really works is decon that stuff works but you dont want to use poison.

I take coffee cans – with lids – cut a small hole in the lid, put the poison inside the can, put the plastic lid tightly on the can, and then place around your home. I use a solid brick kind of poison.

Use old fashion mouse traps — not the one with fake cheese — then use pieces of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups for bait. They love the stuff.

They can fit in any space their wee little heads can enter. Block any holes w/steel wool – they hate the stuff. My son lives in an old house. One day in the pantry he found a rat (eeewww!) hole when he moved an aluminum box. It had chewed through to the aluminum &amp: turned back – my son left the carton right there in case his little buddy came back.

yea, when it gets cold those mice look for a warm place to go. if the mice are under the house then poison should be safe or you can call a pest control service

Glue traps are the best method to trap rats and mice . I found detailed information at http://pests.in

we used to use the glue traps they get stuck on it and cannot move they die right on the trap, i know its cruel but we havent had mice since they couldnt carry cause they were stuck to the glue trap.

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