does kia make good, reliable cars?

im getting my first car in a few months, and im considering the 2011 kia forte. I want a reliable car, that i can have fun with. my other options are the 2011 subaru legacy, and the 2011 mazda 3. is the forte fun/easy to drive, reliable, and just all around enjoyable? are they cheap, or built nicely? the reason im considering them is that they are a bit cheaper than the subaru and mazda. experiences, links, and anything else you have are all appreciated. oh, and please, please, PLEASE dont leave an answer telling me to get a used car, my parents are worried a used car might not be safe, so i dont really have the option.

My daughter has a 1996 kia Sephia with 120,000 miles on it. Still runs great and the paint is still good. I’ve seen way newer cars with the paint coming off.

Kia uses Hyundai motors.

Kia Forte Reliability

I have a 2003 Kia Rio. My mechanic calls it a ‘throw-away car’ because they’re small, cheap, and the body doesn’t hold up as long as the engine. I bought it used about 3 years ago because I could afford it. It has proved to be very reliable, great on gas, and economical to upkeep. I live in the NE and park outside, so I now have cosmetic issues. I find it easy and comfortable to drive. I do not regret the purchase and would buy another Kia, preferrably new, if I could.

Given that experience, I would still go with the Subaru. I have never owned one, but have known people who did. I can tell you this: when the weather is bad and I have the choice between driving myself and riding with a friend who owns the Subaru, I take the ride. I consider that the safest handling auto in all conditions.

If you were my son or daughter and you could afford it, I would be pushing the Subaru, assuming I couldn’t get you to drive a 56 Chevy (which would stand up against a garbage truck, it’s so sturdy!)

Compared to the Mazda3 and the Subaru Legacy the Forte is not the best option. In fact it would be ranked 3rd out of those three.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun reliable car. It just means it isn’t as good as those other two which happen to be at the top of the list.

KIA is somewhere in the middle.

Your parents are 100% wrong but I won’t get into that conversation here. If they want you to have a new car and they are paying for it then by all means let them buy you a brand new car.

Nothing wrong with Kia or Hyundai. I’ve driven Kia for years with no problems and only oil changes. Subaru is great if you have the bucks and Mazda 3 is fun to drive. If you want a good driving car at a great price you can’t go wrong with Kia.

I would buy the Subaru any day. It has 4 wheel drive and unlike Kia it is a good brand with rally history. Also consider a VW Jetta or low end Saab 9-3.

In the last decade KIA has improved his cars…if you look for an old car I WOULD not recommend to buy a KIA at all…check the review and reports of latest years and you will see that they have improved …here an article that may help

I have inspected over 3,300 cars in the last 7 years, I am a legal expert witness and KIA has been one of the least cars I have inspected for people who have to use a Lemon attorney firm to get a refund or a replacement car. KIA I would go with over the other vehicle you have listed. Also when you buy ask for a free loan car when repairs are needed and ask for a zero deduction or you will pay for every repair you need when you use the extended warranty (warranty cost is negotiable). Keep a clear record of all repairs and note all conversation when speaking to a service writer as to what he promises and date and time it. If you happen to get one then the Magnum-Moss Act applies to all new, used and leased vehicles.

Worth $2900? Yes. Good Cars? No. Do they break easily? That depends on how you drive and treat it. Are they reliable? No. I hope this helps. It should last to at the most, about 150,000 miles, unless you are very vigilant about keeping it maintained.

I’d take the subaru or mazda over a kia any day.

as regards reliability, kia themselves show confidence by offering 7 year warranty, at least in the uk. that says a lot about their confidence.

why not honda or toyota if you want cheap and reliable?

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