Could you guys do me a favor real quick?:)?

Could yall report my questions on this one http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index:_ylt=AjWOyYKiKp.f96dTlpkYgbMjzKIX:_ylv=3?qid=20110807175453AAhP0GD

and this one:


I just dont want my writing up on here anymore it’d be much appreciated:) thanks so much if you do

Done! Ignore these idiots commenting for points, just thought I’d help you out *like the question said*!

I don’t like to, but because you asked and also because I fell in love with the paragraph, in those questions, as it describes me perfectly… I did 🙂

no just make a back up account and report it yourself

Why? Most people don’t even know what Yahoo! Answers is. 🙁


Nope, I don’t report, never did, never will, now go run along.

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