Why are Americans so lazy, there are plenty of jobs, you think you are too good for them?

My parents and I came here in 1970 as immigrants from India. My father was a student, but he had to drop out after the summer of 1972. My mother was a maid at a hotel. Let’s face it, most of my people are in the motel/hotel business, many of us started at the very bottom and it took us over 20 years to get out. Many Indian immigrants STILL gladly work the menial jobs.
So now I own two motels. I purchased one on my own and share one with my brother. My parents still own one, my dear old mother now works the front desk, no longer the maid or laundress.

Someday that will belong to the children, me, my brother and my sister and her husband.

What bothers me is when my parents came here, they did menial jobs. My father had some college education but racist America said no, you must collect the tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike and breathe in all those exhaust fumes you little brown dot head (I know what you call us)
My father did that for over 10 years, 1972-1982. In 1981 we purchased our little run down hotel. It was not a good place to live. My father worked for a year for the Turnpike only to come home and repair the old hotel we bought. Indians don’t borrow money from banks. We borrow from other Indians. While we help each other, most investors watch their investments very closely. I can remember while painting window frames and the investor came by and said when are you going to fix this place up, make some more money and pay your debt to me? Keep in mind we had it only 6 months and these people want their money back in 5 years, not 30 like an American bank.
We struggled as a family. Now some people see me and say that rich little brown dot head… he has everything.

Little do they know I WORKED many years before I could buy the car of my dreams, first a 1995 Lexus LS 400, then a 2002 LS 430 which is still driven by my wife. In 2008 we had the chance to purchase a 2006 LS 460L so that my father could ride comfortably in the back. He fell down some stairs and suffers from a spinal injury to this day, yet he returned to work and driving within a year. Now I drive this huge old car. I really don’t like the longer LS 460. I’d be much happier in my old 460 or better yet, a new 2013 LS460. Unfortunately this little Indian chap with elderly, still working parents needs to hang on to his money and his big car in these uncertain times.

You see me as a wealthy man. When I was a little boy aged 13, we got our first car in 1973, after being here 3 years without one. It was a 1970 AMC Gremlin. I was the little brown boy on the driver’s side with his head hanging out the window. I don’t know how all 5 of us got into that thing, but we did for 4 years, only to replace it with a 1977 AMC Hornet.
My father replaced that with a 1987 AMC Eagle, only because AMC was sold to Chrysler and his beloved AMC’s were going to be phased out.
You don’t see those cars. You don’t see that work. You don’t see that sacrifice. No. You just wanted handed to you.

YOU didn’t work for what you have, YOUR PARENTS did. And I’m pretty sure if the government were trying to raise their taxes to pay for their extravagant lifestyles when they were only making the minimal they’d be pissed off too. REMEMBER WHERE YOUR FAMILY CAME FROM. They didn’t have much, and now they do. No one’s lazy, these jobs out here aren’t paying enough to feed a family. And a lot of people are coming up in single parent households. You didn’t have that struggle so you don’t know how it is. That’s the thing about people who are well off. They forget where their parents or grandparents started out and all they care about is their extravagant lifestyles but don’t even attempt to give back to their communities. If it weren’t for people supporting your families business, do you think you’d have what you have now? I don’t think so. Other people has helped your success and I’m pretty sure it was mainly the middle and lower class so why not give back to the people who’ve helped you and your parents get to where you are today?


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