who exactly are we fighting in iraq?

okay this is my understanding of the situation and would like your opinion. Okay first of all the CIA finally reported that there werent any weapons of mass destruction in iraq. There was no evidence that alqaeda had any connections with iraq. Furthermore the one responsible for 9/11 was osama bin laden and he was not in iraq. In fact he was never found but saddam was found pretty fast. Saddam is dead but for some reason we are still killing iraqi people. You may call them insurgents but really they are just regular people. If some super powerful nation was to conquer the usa, take out all the military, and kill obama the remaining civilians would try to fight back. Thats how I see the iraqi people. So I see this war as a major f&amp:ck up. So I would like your opinions on this

I agree. Majority of them are just people defending their country against invaders.

19,000 &quot:insurgents&quot: dead
Between 100,000 to 250,000 iraqi citizens dead

Even IF the insurgents were all criminals or bad guys, you don’t kill 5 to 15 times as many civilians to get to them. That’s like having a person murder someone and then hide in a house with 5 to 15 people. You bomb the house and kill 5 to 15 innocent people to kill that 1 criminal.

It’s not a war, it’s a massacre.

Plus the civilian deaths caused by this war in 6 years have surpassed Saddams total death counts for 23 years. He would have died of old age before ever getting close to the deaths we’ve caused. So to state that the Iraqi people are better off with their country now torn to shreds is ridiculous and naive.

As far as &quot:First off there WERE WMD found in Iraq&quot:. LMAO, what world are you living in? Ever watch the news? Colin Powell is the one who addressed Congress and stated that there were WMD. Then after the Bush regime was over, he admitted ON CAMERA that they never found any and he was lied to, and if he could do it over again, he wouldn’t have addressed Congress or gone to war with Iraq. So the man who talked Congress into going to war, now says it was a mistake. Get a clue.

As far as &quot:they’re the ones strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up markets full of civilians, not us.&quot:
Yes, those are the bad guys, just like we would probably have some bad people here in USA killing other people if we were invaded and some of us started helping out the invaders. The ones blowing themselves up are a very small minority, or else we would have had 19,000 suicide bombings to match the 19,000 dead insurgents. And the suicide bombings didn’t start until the war. Before the war, Iraq was not free, but at least they had order. They could at least survive long enough to get out of the country (don’t act like Iraqi’s haven’t migrated all around the world). Now they have disorder. We created a war zone and a chaotic environment, and that is what allows the few psychos to run around blowing up markets.

&quot:5 Years of Suicide Bombings&quot:

&quot:WASHINGTON – In his final word, the CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq said Monday that the hunt for weapons of mass destruction has “gone as far as feasible” and has found nothing, closing an investigation into the purported programs of Saddam Hussein that were used to justify the 2003 invasion.&quot:

Maybe a better question. Every hijacker of Jets on 9-11 was a Saudi Arabian. For 3 days, only the Military could fly over U.S. Air Space. Except the 1 private jet that flew out the Saudi Royal Family and the Bin Ladin Family. We then went to war with Iraq. Explain any of that to me Conservative Republican..

There are a lot of good points mentioned here. I read last year in the economist that all natural resources will be diminished within the next 50 years. obviously Iraq would be a big piece of the puzzle beings as it sits directly in the middle of the middle eastern map. I think it’s funny that the UN is doing the same thing to Iran as it did to Iraq with sanctions only to cripple it’s economy before we invade them. that is why Iran is threatening with war if they do.

We aren’t really fighting anyone now. We support and continue to train Iraqi forces. The training wheels are off now. We will be out of there before the end of 2011, probably sooner.

Just out of curiosity, do you describe the work police do as &quot:killing people&quot:? If we are trying to &quot:conquer&quot: Iraq, leaving Iraq is kind of a funny way of doing it.

Our troops are combating a quantity of exceptional enemies in Iraq. These enemies incorporate Sunni insurgents who desire to regain the vigour they as soon as held together with Saddam Hussein, additionally overseas terrorists who’ve come into Iraq from Syria, Jordan, and so on. (those are Al-Quieda and affiliated companies). The final institution we’re making an attempt to battle are terrorists despatched by means of Iran to aid in killing U.S. troops and blameless humans with enormously complex roadside bombs. You are proper in pronouncing that it is a global conflict that covers monstrous locations of the globe. The enemy is faceless and intricate to discover considering they cover amongst and at the back of blameless civilians. They don’t put on uniforms and don’t abide by means of any legislation of conflict. That is why knowledge collecting, intelligence, and interrogation is so imperative. It isn’t anti-Americans that we’re combating, we’re waging conflict towards radical Muslims who desire to unfold their religion and vigour and create an &quot:Islamic Empire&quot: dominated by means of their variation of Islam. This might be very similar to the Taliban rule in Afghanistan earlier than we kicked them out. The results is unknown at this factor. We have got to do all we will be able to to avert them from getting a nuke and we have got to be relentless and do what’s quintessential to defeat them.

We are fighting terrorist in Iraq which are mostly made up of Pakistan, and other neighboring countries along with displaced Iraq soldiers from the initial invasion which stopped torture and terror amongst the Iraqi people , go over and ask them, they appreciate the United States being there.
Yes mistakes were made the biggest was disbanding the Iraqi military making them unemployed, and prone to continue to fight.
You have a valid point about Americans fighting with out governmental leadership, and that is why we have not been invaded.
The war is just, but to clean, civilian death is unavoidable and should not disrupt missions

If it was for &quot:human rights violations&quot: then why would we attack Iraq now? Were you born in 2003? Because Saddam’s worst era was the 80’s. He was bad, but his human rights violations had calmed down since then. They hung Saddam for what he did in 1987. We defeated him in the Gulf War in the 90’s, after that incident. If it was really about human rights violations, we would have hung him then. Plus, with all the smaller, poorer countries out there that are much worse when it comes to human rights violations, why would we try to &quot:fix&quot: Iraq? Places like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Sierra Leone are far worse than Iraq was before the war and would have been much easier to conquer and fix than Iraq. You’re living in a fairy tale where your team can do no wrong and are out to save the world. That’s not reality. This war was about Oil, all the evidence points to it. I don’t believe 9/11 was a conspiracy. I believe that terrorists really did attack us. But what our Government did was the same thing we did in Vietnam with the Gulf of Tonkin incident….they lied to the american people and lied to the world and launched a war based on those lies. Don’t say &quot:where’s all the oil then&quot:. The oil companies got it. All the politicians involved got big fat paychecks from Halliburton, most likely stashed in off shore bank accounts or funneled into businesses.

&quot:Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000.&quot:

&quot:Bunnatine Greenhouse, a civil servant with 20 years of contracting experience, had complained to Army officials on numerous occasions that Halliburton had been unlawfully receiving special treatment for work in Iraq, Kuwait and the Balkans.
She also complained that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s office took control of every aspect of Halliburton’s $7 billion Iraqi oil/infrastructure contract. After her testimony, Greenhouse was demoted for poor performance&quot:

&quot:The Army Corps of Engineers says a contract awarded without competition to a subsidiary of Halliburton included not only putting out oil well fires in Iraq but also &quot:operation of facilities and distribution of products.&quot:

&quot:The Iraqi government is to award a series of key oil contracts to British and US companies later today, fuelling criticism that the Iraq war was largely about oil.&quot:

&quot:Deals with Iraq are set to bring oil giants back
Four Western oil companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq, 36 years after losing their oil concession to nationalization as Saddam Hussein rose to power.&quot:

First off there WERE WMD found in Iraq. Iraq was all about Saddam and his UN violations, not 9/11. The coalition and the Iraqi military are fighting the insurgency. The war is not ****** up, it’s just your understanding is wrong.

Just for oil, that is why they killed so many citizens of Iraq. Which everything was all a lie. Watch Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist Final and you’ll know what REALLY happened about 9/11.

The only reason we’re in Iraq is because Dickie Cheney wants more money.
And he got it.

And Obama doesn’t have the balls to bring the troops home.

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