what in my chart indicates introversion?

What in my chart indicates introversion?
Can someone please give me an astrology personality description based on chart information?
I’m looking for information on what my chart says about what kind of person I am. What kind of things do my chart placements suggest? Things like the type of partner I like, introversion/extroversion, signs I’m compatible with in love, friendship, etc. Your interpretations can be from vedic or western astrology though the information I gave is for western.

Here is all my chart info:

Sun Sagittarius 16.28
Moon Libra 11.16
Mercury Sagittarius 2.15
Venus Sagittarius 6.59
Mars Sagittarius 21.25
Jupiter Scorpio 5.43
Saturn Aquarius 25.04
Uranus Capricorn 20.17
Neptune Capricorn 19.38
Pluto Scorpio 26.17
Lilith Aries 16.36
Asc node Sagittarius 3.05

Ascendant Capricorn 0.04
II Aquarius 3.27
III Pisces 9.18
IV Aries 13.14
V Taurus 12.06
VI Gemini 6.49
VII Cancer 0.04
VIII Leo 3.27
IX Virgo 9.18
Midheaven Libra 13.14
XI Scorpio 12.06
XII Sagittarius 6.49

Sun in XII
Moon in IX
Mercury in XI
Venus in XII
Mars in XII
Jupiter in Midheaven
Saturn in II
Uranus in Ascendant
Neptune in Ascendant
Pluto in XI
Lilith in IV
Asc node in XI

I was born on December 8th, 1993 at 8:20 AM in Miami, Florida

Sun and Mars in XII, what other signs of introversion do u want???
You oughta be a very introverted and even secretive person.

pretty interesting chart. but neither uranus or neptune is in the AC or Jupiter in the Mid Heaven

Based on the chart, you shouldn’t be an introvert at all. However, if you are an introvert and wonder why, it could be because you’re a Scorpio. You see, the constellations have moved around since astrology first began thousands of years ago, so you have to catch up on the dates. Today, Scorpio goes from about November 21 to December 18 and Sagittarius goes from about December 18 to January 20.

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