What are your favorite names out of these?! first/middle name combo?

Madison Amelia–&amp:gt: my personal favorite!
Arabella Jane
Adelyn Grace
Bridget Alexandra
Alexa Mae–&amp:gt: 2nd favorite!
Caelyn Giselle
Ella Rose

as you can tell I like more modern first names and traditional middle names. can you guys have any suggestions? that would be great!
&amp:lt:3 xoxo.

I really like the &quot:Ella Rose&quot: and the Alexa Mae&quot: They’re both beautiful names!

Arabella Jane
Caelyn Giselle
Ella Rose
Alexa Mae

I like Arabella Jane the best. It’s different and fun yet classy. My second choice is Bridget Alexandra.

Sienna Paige
Callie Sabrina
Lily Rebecca
Ainsley Noelle
Aria Madeleine
Grace Evelyn
Josie Abigail
Ivy Katherine

I like Alexa Mae and Ella Rose!

Madison Amelia is pretty too, but without a last name its hard to decide.

1) Madison Amelia (Maddie as a nickname)
2) Alexa Mae (Lexi as a nickname)
3) Ella Rose (Lil’ Elle as a nickname)
4) Arabella Jane (Bella as a nickname)

Plz vote for me as Best Answer thnx =)

I pretty much Adore your name list! My absolute favorites are: Arabella Jane, Adelyn Grace, and Ella Rose!
Some names I like that you might like:
Addilynn Marie(I love Addilynn spelt this way, I know its not right but I think its just soo pretty!)
Sarah Jane
Emery Rose
Ella Grace
Ardin Elaine

Alexa Mae sounds like a great choice.

1. madison amelia.
2. ella rose.
3. arabella mae (its not listed)

I def like both MadisonAmelia and AlexaMae…….but i like Madison Amelia the best

I love Bridget Alexandra! Those are two of my favorite names and they sound great together.

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