Teen Girls Poll (13-19yrs old) prefer… ?

Are you currently tryring to get pregnant?

If so what makes you want to be pregnant now?

And if you’re already pregnant, was it planned?

Just Curious…

Im 19 years old and do not have any thoughts in my head about getting pregnant. I am at the start of my college education and there are so many things id like to do before I even consider getting pregnant. Plus I need to be married and that isnt going to happen for a while either. I want to focus on myself right now, and also you need to be financially stable before thinking about children. And for those thirteen year olds who want to get pregnant, youre all idiots. Who do they think is going to take care of the child? Who will be the person waking up 5 or 6 times a night with the baby? Or making sure that the baby gets enough food and diapers…I doubt their mommies will want to do that for them. Wake up and look at real life people!!!!

p.s. this anger wasnt toward you, it is toward any teenager who thinks they should get pregnant. I say live your life first.

1. No

a 13 yr old wanting to get pregnant?? no girl should even think of trying to get pregnant until they are at least 19 yrs. old, and only then if they can support the baby, without getting money from parents or reletives!

im 19 and pregnant it was unplanned but very happy now that i am..im still with his father, we’ve been together two years n many more to go. i also attend college. this is my second semester, getting basics, and next semester i will go for my asso. degree.

i see under me someone said im silly for thinking things were stable they are. My boyfriend brings home about 700 a week. we have our own place. so not everyone you should say, i will take care of my child

15 year old here..
not currently trying to get pregnant
I have sometimes thought I would like a baby cos their so cute! but wouldn’t act on that feeling. Too young, Too much responsibility.

I don’t want to have a baby until I am in a stable married relationship and older.
Girls who think they are able to support a baby between 13-19 are very silly.


No, I’m not planning to get pregnant nor have I ever been pregnant, I would faint if I found out that i’m pregnant because i’m too young to be a mum.

Not a ? for me either but I have two teenage daughters so I thought the question was interesting, and was encouraged by the responses

I am not a girl, but I think that any girl within the age range you mentioned, who gets pregnant deliberately, is stupid and irresponsible beyond belief.

Not planning until I’ve been to uni, got a job and got married.

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