Is Barack Obama looking less like Abe Lincoln and more like Jimmy Carter?

Recession, energy crisis, huge deficits, inexperience in office, double-digit unemployment, sucking up to dictators, higher food prices, slow economic growth, weak leadership, indecisiveness and bailing out Chrysler.

Could stagflation be next?

Seem familiar?

That’s one-term Carter’s legacy.

Yes he is just as confused as Carter was.

Devaluing currency by Johnson Nixon OPEC gave us stagflation: Carter did great job in four years correcting years of mistakes in economic, environmental, regulatory policy past twelve to fifty years before him. De-regulated airlines, trucking, started conservation movement and alternative energy, along with breaking up Exon to dethrone big oil. Started Super Fund. Carter first deregulated car gasoline with phase in approach. Started Education Dept. and experiments in public education. Started military buildup with commission to evaluate effectiveness of weapons and not political benefits to invest in development, so smart bomb was developed and Cruse Missile already in development was not killed like Regan tried to kill it. Hoping Obama is quarter as good as Carter that chartered the way to the end of the status quo in Economics, Foreign Policy. Read one very convincing point of view that Carter’s Human Rights Campaign allowed Russian Leader flexibility that started events that lead to end of USSR. There was also Camp David Accords, which one party is yet to follow. SALT 1 congress didn’t pass SALT 2. The Panama Canal Treaty. Greatest of all the Voguer Space Mission. (Edit) Forgot about Chrysler, executives pay was frozen, and mole was placed on board of directors. It truly is amazing how much a president interested in country’s interests and not special interests can accomplish. Also forgot Carter made Social Security actuality sound and set up lock box that Ron destroyed so guess who would be holding a good chunk of USA Bonds that China holds and collecting the interest if lock box Carter created wasn’t destroyed, and all the good that capital could be doing.

Maybe. Each presidency is its own, but I don’t think Obama realizes that he is way overexposed, and has set his own expectations much too high.

In fact, he seems to be making the problem worse. On Sunday he’ll be going on five (count ’em) talk shows to discuss health care. If Obama thinks he’s having problems now, wait until the average American has seen him so much they just don’t care what he says anymore. People got to that point with Bush, and I think that day is coming even more quickly for Obama.

Actually, now that you mention it – he’s looking more and more like Abe Lincoln every day.

Apparently you are not aware of it – but Lincoln was HATED during his Presidency by those who supported slavery. Look it up. The most vile, insulting, hateful things imaginable were said about him – in private and to his face. People slandered and libeled him. The haters looked down their noses at him- said he &quot:did not belong in Washington&quot: and that he was not fit for the job. Look it up.

Just like TODAY President Obama is HATED by those who do not want the common man to have a better life.

History will shine a positive light on Obama, just like it did for Abe Lincoln.

Obama better start learning how to build houses for the poor so that he won’t seem like a bad guy, either.

Obama is twice the clown Mr. Peanut has proved to be.

since you’re throwing around all these government terms one would assume you would understand he hasn’t been president long enough for any of the policies he’s putting in motion to have taken effect and i don’t even like Obama i’m just not a dumbass…..

Even before day one. Yes.

It’s really cold in my place. I wish the furnace was working.

just like a bush supporter to expect Obama to turn his fuckupp around overnight

in case you missed it, we were already there BEFORE he got into office…get educated

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