What does the MLB playoff bracket look like?

I know if the yankees win the division and the res sox win the wild card it means that the yankees will play the tigers and the red sox play the angels. what if the rangers were to win the wild cad instead of boston? what does it look like in the NL if the phillies win the east, the cardinals win the central, the dodgers win the west, and the rockies won or giants won the wild card?

American League
Yankees(1) vs Tigers(3)

Angles(2) vs Red Sox(WC)

National League
Dodgers(1) vs Phillies (3)

Cardinals(2) vs Rockies(WC)

*Team with best record plays wild card, however, if they from the same division, the wild card will play the second best record.

White Sox


TBH I dont think the Tigers will win the Central that belongs to the Indians and I think it will be the Red Sox vs Phillies with the Red Sox coming out on top. Why do I believe this you might say? Well Tigers cool down during the Second half of the season a lot and the Indians play well during the second half and have proven that before ( a couple years back they had a very good 2nd half that almost caught the sox in first). So I don’t think the Tigers will be there for the Play offs. I don’t think Atlanta will be able to beat the Phillies I just don’t see it happening Philies are too good of a team with there Pitching Staff to lose to the Braves I don’t think they will be able to beat them. Phillies and the Red Sox though would be great because the Sox are a very productive Offense so I could see them pulling a run or two late in a game but I don’t see that happening to the Red Sox.

Right now and Later

American League Yankees (East) vs Angels (West)

Red Sox(Wild card) vs Tigers (Central)

National League Cardinals (Central) vs Rockies (Wild Card)

Phillies (East) vs Dodgers (West)

Ny and Boston can’t play in round 1. when wild card and top seed come from same division they let the top team play the worst division winner. Both (NYY and Bos) and (Dodgers and Rockies) are currently in that position

AL: Ny V Det and Bos v Angels
NL: Dodgers v Phillies and Cards v. Rockies

Rockies may catch Dodgers to claim #2 or #1, its a lot more messy in the NL. Clearly the Philles are the worst division winner in the NL and will play the winner of the NL West, which will be homefield over Phillies.

Hope that helps.

if the rangers win wild card ( which prob wont happen but ya never kno) the yankees would play the rangers its 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in the seeding but the yankees cant play boston in first round no matter what ( its just the rules 🙂 ) i think we gotta wait and see all the nl teams have similar records

If the Rangers win the WC:

Yankees vs. Rangers
Angels vs. Tigers

In the NL:

Cardinals vs. Rockies/Giants
Dodgers vs. Phillies

If the season ended today it would be…

Yankees vs. Tigers
Red Sox vs. Angels

Phillies vs. Dodgers
Cardinals vs. Rockies

ok, the phillies win thats all u need to know

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