How do I know if my child is ready to skip Second Grade and go straight to Third Grade?

Is there a standardized test to determine if my child is ready for the third grade? My 7yr. old daughter is currently in First Grade, she has a 100% in all of her subjects. She has not missed a single test or homework question this entire school year. She is so bored in class because she already knows all the answers to what the teacher is teaching. I am thinking about asking to have her skip the second grade next year but I’m not sure if she is academically ready for third grade quite yet.

well if they are 100% on everything then you could possibly ask for a second grade test to see how she does. if she does good then she could probably skip but the fact that all her friends would be left alone in the other grade and that she would have to make new friends would be hard on her.

One of my nephews has always been in trouble at school because he is disruptive. After years of getting into strife, he had a new teacher who did not know him. The teacher immediately saw that he was bored and concentrated a bit of effort on him. He came first in that class (this is high school), and not just first but by miles! The teacher advised he skip a grade and get with senior kids who were learning more advanced things, as this would challenge him. The school, however, did not have the facility to allow him to do that in one class and not others. My sister followed their advice and as a result her son is now planning to leave school early because he hates it so much, is constantly bored, keeps getting into trouble, etc. For the year he had the new teacher, he improved in his behaviour and his other grades also improved. If the school is supportive and recommending that your son go ahead, they must consider that he is smart enough to ‘pick up’ the information he needs. Not everyone learns in a linear way, collecting incrteasingly complex information as they go ahead. Some people learn by doing more complex stuff, and going back and filling in the details leter. Your son could be a person like that. I would say, give him a chance, but monitor it and talk to him about it regularly, If he experiences an over amount of stress or feels ‘left behind’, you could re-assess at that point. Find out from the school if he can ‘go back’ if things don’t work out. Good luck to you both 🙂

My school encouraged me to do the same when I was 6 for the same reasons.
Thinking back now, I did not struggle with harder work but I didn’t gain from the move either to be honest.

I had to stay in the last grade (Year 6 for me as I’m from the UK) for 2 years though which I found very frustrating, the same problem occurred again (and I had to do all the same kind of work again).
All my new friends were a year older than me and moved on to High School, and I found it strange suddenly hanging around with people my age again and being left behind.

I agree with &quot:lilmiss..&quot: The most important thing is that your child is emotionally ready not academically. I was promoted like this and I was not prepared for being with older kids especially if I outperformed them in my studies. Frankly, I went through hell.

It is a trade-off anyway you go. Either way you run the risk of her academic performance slipping. I don’t have a good answer for you. A lot depends on your child’s personality.

I’m assuming you are in the US so I’m sorry I don’t know about skipping grades, but I’d think very carefully before doing it. Even if your child is very bright and intelligent, they may not be emotionally ready to skip up a year =)

just leave her its because she is only 7, when she gets to 12 or 13 subjects will be harder and if shes in the year above she could stuggle

unless you relly want to push her

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