Ted Haggard and his new church?

Ted Haggard has a new church now and a lot of people including Christians are saying he shouldn’t have a church because of what he did. My point is that he had a relapse and his homosexuality is cured. He is sorry. What about redemption and forgiveness?

If a pastor is involved with a sexual scandal he is no longer qualified to become a pastor. I would welcome a man like Haggard into our church, but not as a deacon or pastor.

My own church had a similar problem. Our youth pastor confessed to sexual infidelity and resigned. He is no longer eligible to preach and now must find some other line of work. Haggard had problems finding work because he lacked the education and skills to do anything outside of the church.

You can’t be cured of something like that. I love men, and there’s no way that any church could make me unattracted to them. Did you choose to be straight? No. Ted Haggard is a liar and needs to accept who he is, and the only reason why hes starting up a church is because he has no money.

i would not comprehend Ted Haggard if I stumbled over him in an empty field with a Ted Haggard sign with a image identity tied around his neck. regardless of the undeniable fact that, those scandal-mongers would desire to be de-frocked or in spite of this is referred to as for good. If he repents, he can stay as area of the church, yet not greater ministry.

The notion that his homosexuality is cured because he says so is pretty funny. Redemption and forgiveness are one thing, but falling for the same sucker routine again is really silly. I don’t care if suckers want to give him more money, though, so let him have his church of hypocrisy.

his homosexuality is cured???

How do you know that….cause he said it??…..he used to said that homosexuality was a gross sin but he was having an affair qith a male prostitute.

Wouldyou trust someone like him?


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