RHH: Anyone here listen to Danny!?

BQ: Fave song by Danny! ?

BQ2: I downloaded And I love H.e.r and I really like it, any other recs by him ?

Yeah. I hate to make the Kanye comparison, but… still, he’s really good.
BQ: After The Love Has Gone stays dope while tying all the loose ends of the album together, which is remarkable. Charm is just an awesome song on its own.
BQ2: Charm. Where Is Danny? is also pretty great.

BQ2: Charm

Yea, And I Love HER is one of my favorite RHH albums

BQ: Misery
BQ2: FOOD, Charm

Yeah, he’s pretty sick.

BQ: Now You’re Gone

BQ2: Charm

ha while bak

he is wack dunny

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