How to tell homophobic latino parents im gay?

Hey Im 15 years old and I have been secretly hiding my gay feelings from my whole family for a year now =(. I dont know how to tell my parents I am gay. My mom is a super christian and all my closest friends which are guys and my cousins around my age are straight for sure. I dont want to tell my mom I am gay because she wont accept me and hate me forever=(, so I gave her a test, while we were going to a store we saw two gay men walking around, I whispered to my mom, mom are they gay? My mom originally replied in spanish, Yes they are and those two are crazy people. That made me really sad so I cant tell her.

As for my straight cousins, anything that I do that isnt straight by a LITTLE they say to eachother thats man gay!.
I possibly think the only person I can tell is my 28 year old cousin. I told only the most personal stuff to him due to that my mom doesnt like to talk about sex,drugs and puberty.
I want to tell them someday, before I turn 18 so they can accept me for I am but Im afraid if I admit it my straight cousins wont hang around with me due that I am gay and they are straightT-T.
If I do admit Im gay i will be the first gay person in the family since everyone in my family was straight….

omg dude im having the same probem as you. Ok look, dont tell them yet, and if you feel like you actually do like dudes then make sure to accept yourself, but just dont say anything to your parents and family, it can turn out bad, trust me i know. Im also 15, latino, and have a christian-religious mother.

I for sure would stop being homophobic if I had a kid like you. However, they may be oblivious to the times so who knows if they suspect it or not. If I were you, I’d find an alliance group either at school or somewhere else to become a part of. You don’t want to get kicked out! But I don’t think they’re allowed to kick you out anyways, since you’re so young. If you feel comfortable enough and want them to stop being homophobic I’d tell them that they are hurting you by what they say because it’s a direct attack on who you are. If they try to make you leave, call the police! And cougar pride doesn’t even know the proper form of &quot:they’re&quot: so what does he/she know about anything else!

If you think there’s a possibility of a bad reaction, you need to wait to tell them until you’re done with high school. If you think you can trust that older cousin, cool, but remember, secrets have a way of getting around the family tree very quickly. Maybe there’s a teacher at school you can confide in?

Best of luck, man. I know it’s a rough time, but it’ll be so much better in college!

I’m on the same page with you,
but I’m lesbian, and 14 🙂
I have a friend who gay as well and he told his parents,
bad mistake he told me.
wait intil your 18 because you’ll be heading off to college, more mature, so it will make you more serious. But if you do tell them, and they flip out and kick you out {not saying this will happen!} you can go to court with them. and For the relgious part, god will not punish you and send you to hell. God loves you for who you are. It maybe counted for a sin, but ask the lord for accepting you for who you are, and you will be fine 🙂

best of luck my friend! &lt:3

I know it seems hard, but DO NOT tell them

you will be ostrasized from your family, and at 15, there is not much you can do

wait until u are 18 and have your own life, i know that seems impossible, but i did it 🙁

how do u know that all ur cousins are straight/ They can be hiding it. My friend used to make fun of homos all the time and hes gay

listen, have you had sex with someone of the opposite gender? Because you really don’t know for sure if you’re gay or not until you’ve done so 🙂 but if you have had sex and didn’t like it, and you know for sure that you’re gay, then the best thing to do is tell your parents straight up. They love you, and even though they may not like the idea that you’re gay, they’ll just have to deal with it because it’s who you are.
Hope it helps!

Don’t tell them till you’re 18. If you know they will have a bad reaction, don’t tell

in spanish

don’t tell them. This can only end badly…

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