Why don’t people realize the economy is hurting because of Bush’s Iraq war and the weak dollar?

Everyone seems to blame everything but Bush’s failed policies. Giving tax breaks to big corporations who in turn pay their CEO’s more. The Iraq war costs us 10 billion a month and we have a weak dollar compared to the rest of the world. All are Bush policies that have not helped our economic situation. Now we have natural disasters at home and a mortgage crisis. I thought conservative Republicans were suppossed to be fiscally conservative. What happened during the last eight years?

The Republicans chose the wrong guy to lead them. The Repugs should have known that Bush was damaged goods before they made him president. He had been irresponsible throughout his adult life. Why would he be any different when he became president? DUI? Past cocaine use? Alcoholism?
Failed businesses? Poor academic record? Did these things not register with these Repugs?

Bush has carried out something that no president has carried out formerly. He financed the Iraq conflict by charging it on a mastercard. He borrowed funds from the Saudis, Japan and China. And the result’s the U. S. dollar dropping 40-one% of its value. because oil is bought in money, you’re paying two times as lots for it. That, mixed with a loophole in finance regulation which permits oil agencies to purchase oil futures, a product wherein they administration the value of, is what’s inflicting the intense gas expenditures. the U. S. makes use of 25% of the produced oil in the international and yet it purely has 3% of worldwide oil reserves. in case you do the mathematics, drilling for greater oil could no longer make a dent in gas expenditures we are in for a intense financial meltdown and there is no longer something we are able to do approximately it different than blame the individuals voted for this Imbecile.

I won’t disagree with you about Bush’s failed economic policies and the soaring cost of the war. But let’s not forget the problems with the housing market, the soaring cost of oil, outsourcing of jobs, rising costs of food (only be be made worse by the floods in the mid west), and other factors. And most importantly, low consumer confidence.

The one thing many people constantly overlook is that there is no one single cause for economic cycles. The economy is a many tentacled beast that can’t be tamed by simply attacking one thing.

In fact, I would look at the price of oil as one of the biggest issues that will keep the economy poor. With people having to pay so much more just to get to and from work, that means there is far less money available for extras like TVs, washers and dryers, vacations, and all the other things.

You have a good point but, the economy would really be hurting if we had suicide bombers, exploding in your favorite shopping malls.

9-11 cost the USA 120 trillion in one year.
The cost of welfare fraud, medicare fraud, and unemployment fraud, alone cost the USA way more in actual dollars then the Iraq war ever did

Tax breaks for the rich means more jobs for the poor.
Plus Bush has given tax breaks to the poor also. How many extra tax refund checks did billy give you?
Bush has given you 2 so far, and the last time I looked you were not rich.

The devalued dollar increases foreign investment, and foreign companies bringing jobs to the USA, and buying US made products, because they get a better value.
It also means a higher price for gas in the USA, since light sweet crude is sold in US dollars.

The Bush economy is much the same or better then the Clinton economy.

Bush 43 is not a Conservative Republican, he is a moderate at the least.

98% of home mortgages are still being paid on time, and many of the defaulters are second mortgage house flippers trying to make a quick buck.

It is hard to make correct decisions when you are getting biased information.

Because the &quot:Bush&quot: made the common people believe it was justifiable. Bush has the tongue of a serpent, and rest assure, when he is finally out of office, there will be a lot of things what wll come out in the open. But what does the &quot:Bush&quot: care, damage had been done and now, he will be taken care of by taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.

the economy is hurting for several reasons,the war is one factor,a larger factor is gas prices which are a commodity and out of presidents control,the falling dollar and housing problem are a direct result of the federal reserve which is private banks out of presidents control. another big factor is americans not buying american products,people buying foreign cars ,and other major purchases of foriegn good draws on this economy and last thing,Bush is no conservative

What happened is we Republicans didn’t have a better choice-like now. Bush is blamed for many things that are not his fault. the president doesn’t make the weather and didn’t make those homebuyers get those bad loans-greed did that.Bush doesn’t tell OPEC what to charge for the oil either.
For some reason the good choices dropped out and we are stuck with Mccain. Still better than Obama-so here we go again!

Partisans have to blame something. If you’re a GOPer, you blame the Democrats. If you’re a Democrat, you blame Bush and the GOP. The GOP lost its way after Reagan left office.

Bush Bush Bush your a broken record what about yor Dem congress what have they done —-nothing and it will be more of the same with Obama and his change Bull!!!

curtis is correct and to add to that the weak dollar keeps the trade deficit from growing as well as keeping unemployment low. Just check out the EU! high unemployment and growing trade gaps

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