When will we americans regain our national integrity?


Immigration to America in the 17th to 19th century was by decent, hardworking, well intentioned people, heading to America with honorable intentions to build and contribute to society. They created a workable social system with benefits to the deserving and a society of well-intentioned and decent people. But no such people come any more.

Now they come in droves, packing the major cities, causing an increase in crime, congestion, and taxes as real estate rents soar, parking is unavailable or exorbitantly high. Americans who took their entire lives to pay off their home mortgages, now find that the taxes on their homes are so high, they cant afford to live in them any more and the congestion so bad, they cant even find a place to park in front of their own homes. Many have to pack up and move out of the city, just to make ends meet, and then face the arduous daily hours of driving back and forth just to get to work and back home. That is, those that still have jobs, since as this goes on, jobs disappear, either right here where we get laid off, or the whole company moves out to a cheap labor country. And as the hordes make demands for energy needs, power needed to heat and light homes and buildings is insufficient, and cities black out, the demand for gas soars, heating prices skyrocket, and our own supply of gas becomes insufficient to meet our own needs, and we become victims of the arabs, who use the pumps to revenge our policies they don’t like. Even the price of food is soaring to feed these unwelcome parasites.

They pile over the borders or by plane on visitor visas, preying on the good naturedness of Americans to provide a refuge for the oppressed, they connive the appearance of the downtrodden and persecuted, and then sit down comfortably and stay here, leeching off the health care system which faces bankruptcy in 20 years, the welfare system that us sucker u.s. taxpayers have to pick up the tab for, and which we spent decades to build.

Social parasites from latin america, flock here to live free on us sucker taxpayers, dragging their families and relatives in, once they get green cards and then swamping the health care system with their third world illnesses and birth defects. And the other breed of latinos – criminals of the most evil intensities terrorizing communities in which they rob and kill.

Thieves and common criminals from the countries of eastern Europe and the soviet union, hearing that there is still stuff on store shelves when stores close, that hasn’t been shoplifted or sold, come and steal, with impunity.

Mafia organizations that control Russia and the countries of the former soviet union, setting up foreign crime systems that specialize in grand larceny, weaponry, even nuclear arms materials for sale, stolen from the old soviet system, available for sale to our enemies, raking them million$.

Africans with strange ,deadly diseases walk in, causing epidemics and death to our gay citizens and to innocent people in general and swamping the health care system.

Asians with alien religious philosophies, contrary to Christian monotheism, poisoning the minds of our youth. And they come and take our jobs away here in America, while employers, enticed by cheap labor, move their companies there, leaving us unemployed,.

Terrorists walk in and go about their death tactics with ease and we shudder at what they will do to us next.

All, contributing to crime, violence, social unrest.

Finally, To add insult to these injuries to our nation, our government picks up the tab for hundreds of thousands of third world “students” to come, pack our universities tuition free at the expense of us US taxpayers ,while we Americans fall into debt to pay for our own children to get a college education.


What kind of fools are running this country?
What kind of fools are we to let this go on?


When the Socialists, who hide behind the faГ§ade of the Liberal banner are exposed for what they really are – traitors.

This country is being bamboozled by those in the political arena such as Obama, Clinton(s), Kennedy, Pelosi, etc that we, Americans are bad and need to ask for forgiveness to the world. When supposed intellects stop taking advantage of American youth by selling them a lemon in their rhetoric that we should open our doors and the top 1% will pay for it.

When ignorance in regards to politics is unfolded and revealed as an ill educated person i.e. above me answerer &quot:Melted Cheese&quot: – if the person had any idea of what they speak, they may just be dangerous enough to order a burger from McDonalds.

When the collegiate youth of this country take a good hard look at what generations of past dealt with in Europe, and the wars that ravaged there due to intellects passive, and socialist ideology, the same ideology that the Liberals spew on a daily basis.

Many, many reasons exist on why this has happened to us, and many answers remain on how to rectify this issue.

Until each American sits back at the end of each day and realizes that no matter what their gripe is with this country, we are still the greatest country in the history of the civilized world. And if you don’t like it – GO TO MEXICO!

Our modern society seems to have lsot touch with what law and order is. We have gotten way too liberal. A short time on Yahoo Answers will show you that people are more interested in trying to find a cop at fault, than being upset at the current crime rates or wanting to put bad guys behind bars. Instead, most people are not interested in law, but how can I get out of this law.
The politicians are partly to blame, lawyers should get a majority of the blame for what they have done to our society, and the general populace should take responsability for putting the rights of bad guys ahead of victims and law enforcement. Amazing to me how no matter how terrible a crime is, there is always someone who will step up and defend the bad guy, always. Our society has become so accepting, we fail to focus on the root cause and instead look for someone else to blame for the indiscretion.
But again, if lawyers did push through laws, bring rediculous lawsuits and use parlor tricks to get bad guys out of jail, life as we know it would be much better off.

Did the indigenous population in these bygone days ask all these questions when all the hordes of honest,hardworking immigrants arrived to occupy their lands.

when america starts taking care of americans

i think.. the fools running this country are bush and cheney
and were all just ignorant fools.. sitting on our butts watching comedy central or something


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