What do Democrats want to hide when they refuse to make bills available to the public & Congress before a vote?

Is three days or the public to review a change to 1/6th of our nation’s economy and 100% of our future health care too much to ask? Pelosi / Obama / Reid thinks so.


Obama / Pelosi’s access for major legislation from the dawn of the Obamanation:

$789 billion stimulus bill, passed Feb. 14, 2009. 1,100 pages. Available online 13 hours before debate.

House energy and global warming bill, passed June 26, 2009. 1,200 pages. Available online 15 hours before vote.

What happened to Obamas promise?


Seems everyone was looking and all we saw was a closed, locked door today.

Meetings online, names of corporations who benefit online, who asked for this, wait I lost track of all the lies.

They aren’t hiding it, in the past it was about the same, this may be the information age, but the fact is that the government just has never been very quick about these things.
I am interested in why it makes a difference now, when just a few short years ago the call was that congress didn’t need to share the actual law with the world before it was even finalized.
Its not like you are actually going to vote for the bill, and the offices that do need it have staffers read it and pass along notes on each bill to the congressperson they work for, just as its always been done.

THE TRUE ! They want to pass something no-one knows anything about.
They sure are hiding something but they expert us to trust them: lol . If they don’t know what on that bill they should vote against it .
We should be able to read it our selves .. so where is it ? They want to do what they want where we like it or not.
Obama won the election he’s now the Boss. So he says !

I’m going to go out on a limb and say….they want to hide what’s in the bill. They call it transparency and accountability.

Same things the GOP want to hide. All politicians hide their real agendas in the bills. Haven’t you ever heard the term pork belly?

This is what Obama meant when he promised transparency.

just another democrat lie…they know if they were to make the bills known, that no-one would support them…transparency…ha ha ha…

The other party doesn’t have the right to vote anymore. We won!

As soon as they break the law, impeach them.

their own corruption

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