how will legally changing a child&quot:s last name affect the birth certificate?

my 5 year old daughter is getting her last name legally changed to her fathers last name tomorrow the court hearing is set for tomorrow afternoon. i am wondering if it has to be refiled and then reissued with his last name or if not what will happen. her father is my husband. we were young when we had her and because of my age at the time of pregnancy and birth my mom had me give her my last name until we got married and since weve been married like 16 months. we are having it changed.


No, it does not. However, if you two were to break up and it is determined he is not the father, he could lie and indicate you informed him he was the father of the child. The proof he would have is the birth certificate. I suggest once the baby is born, a DNA test is done to prove he is or is not the father. Now, if he is on the birth certificate and something happens, he can petition the court for custody.

I had my last name changed when I was five (mom got divorced) and again when I was 12 (mom got re-married) and both times my mom had to get my birth certificate re-issued with my new name. Maybe this is different in the US (I’m Canadian).

I understand that in most jurisdictions the birth certificate would not change because that was the information at the time of birth.

You can’t change a birth certificate. That name will forever be her birth name, but on any other things her new name will be on.

The BC won’t change. It will always show her original name.

BC won’t change

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