do you ever wonder…?

do you ever wonder why some really stupid questions get starred? i mean not only was the question stupid, but someone other than the asker though it interesting enough to put a star on it? i just read one question that said making fun of religion is against the law, and asked why people do it? amazingly, it got a star. do people even bother to fact check anymore? making fun of religion is NOT against the law.

I put stars on questions sometimes to draw people’s attention to how stupid some folks are. That may be what happened there.

For example, when &quot:Chosen by Grace&quot: went off on a tirade against me when he didn’t understand my &quot:Have you stopped beating your wife?&quot: retort to one of his attacks, I starred his ravings.

Stupid things amuse stupid people. That is all I can say about this, if people think that it is fun to give stars just for the heck of it then let it be. If a stupid question is starred that doesn’t make it any better to anyone else because the star means that if YOU find it an interesting question then you can show other people YOUR opinion. If someone else likes it, then who cares because it doesn’t make much of a difference if a question is starred or not. It is still just a question.

I never wonder about the workings of human minds. I wonder if some humans have much in the way of a mind.

Possible reasons for using the Star feature include:

(1) The user really does believe that this Question in worthy of interest. It stands above the typical Question.

(2) The user wants the Question marked so that network contacts can be given notice about the Question.

(3) The user is a friend of the Asker and wants to expand or draw attention to the Notoriety of the Asker.

(4) The user Answered the Question, so it must be interesting.

(5) The user believes that the Question should be noticed because it is a poor example of a Question and they want to draw attention to the flaws in the System.

(6) The user Starred the Question by mistake.

(7) include here the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of reasons, rationales and mind farts that allow people to believe that they have a working mind as sharp as a razor (and this includes those like myself who are usually considered insane or not normal by any stretch of the imagination).

I agree with Janet that making fun of religion is rude and disrespectful specially if you are deliberately making it to hurt other people. But making fun of religion is against Law also in some country. And in other country even denying holocaust is punishable. Yes people give star to even stupid questions knowingly to grab the attention what is happening around.

I think some people put stars on rather like their kindergarten teacher did. Any question they find worth answering they give a star. Also any question asked by one of their favorite people, even a really stupid question, will get a star.

Me? I am pretty sparing with stars, but this time, I think I will give you one for this question.

Making fun of religion as itself not a crime but indecent conduct that you may hurting somebody’s feelings.Some countries who is under the influence of bigots make such laws, otherwise the reality is itself making a fun of such people which is enough for a sensible man otherwise you embark upon making stupid laws and prepare false cases against the offenders.This is what is happening in Pakistan.

Yes, but sometimes our answers to the really stupid question is so good we want people to see it..It’s like the random thumbs up thumbs down thing. I will give you a star anyway. It’s getting time to decorate for the holidays and stars look nice.

most of your Q’s are simply answered yourself.Islam is not wanted by a large majority of the worlds population.It is an outmoded ‘mysogonistic belief system just like most other major religions.Any system that condones publicly hanging 16yo rape victims has either a few questions to answer or to be completely rejected by any civilised human.You can’t come back at me by saying judaism and christianity are just as bad because plainly they are not and I am neither of those. This isn’t a psychology Q anyway……try the chip on the shoulder page

Making fun of religion is not against the Law but it is very disrespectful and rude.

I sometimes star an question that I know is going to get hilarious responses from people I enjoy reading.

make fun of religion!!! why should people make fun of religion
it is against the law the human law which he creates by his own self it is against the religious law

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