Remind me, did libs support George Bushs effort to rid Iraq of Saddam?

just think its hilarious they ask us to get behind obama against iran. you must be joking . iran isn’t scared of our appeaser president.

Nope. It meant nothing to them that Saddam was a mass murderer, as long as it wasn’t Delta Smelt or Salt Marsh Harvest mice or Desert Pupfish he was slaughtering. They are all OK with slaughtering Israelis, Kurds, the unborn and so on though.
They didn’t support Bush in anything. Well two can play that game.

No. Saddam wasn’t nearly the supporter of international terrorism as Iran is. If conservatives won’t support Obama against Iran, I guess we know how much they truly care about keeping the country safe. Patriots? My @$$!

We supported his effort to get rid of Saddam until he went all nuts and thought it was a good idea for the US to invade Iraq. Then we were the ONLY sane ones.

What is the alternative to getting behind Obama against Iran?

no alex, you *** bush did not lie about wmd’s..he took the intell that was provided to him..there were wmd’s that were conviently moved right before the invasion..and yes the libs..kennedy..schummer both klintoons and many other high ranking defeatocrats said sadaam must be removed

Some did… I did not…

And I haven’t heard anything about Iran.. But I will NOT get behind that either…

I fully support Afghanistan tho… Crush the real enemies!

Yes, but only because Bush LIED about the WMDs.

That wasn’t the reason given for the Iraq war, don’t you remember?!

No, this liberal didn’t. And, I don’t support Obama’s effort in Afghanistan either.

Oh my God, you Americans are just ridiculous. GET OVER YOURSELF! YOU ARE NOT THE WORLD POLICE! Stay out of other countries’ business, Democrat or Republican.

Why do you hate America?

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