Poll: How often do you listen to music?

Honestly unless i’m in school or asleep, i’m listening to music=]


I’m the same way,
I can’t live without it xD

All the time!!!!
I listen to it walking to school.. during lunch… walking back from school.
And then once I get home my dad almost always has music playing so then I’m listening to that and then I listen to my ipod before I fall asleep 🙂

I love music &lt:3

All the time- sometimes even when I’m in school 😀 I’m listening to music right now!

a great style of the time. I hear to all styles of stable stuff, from Donovan (&quot:Atlantis&quot: enjoying top now… woooooow…), to Chopin, Mozart… The Mamas and the Papas… The Beatles, Celtic and human beings, Enya, 60’s generally… The Moody Blues… Fred Astaire and others from the 30’s… it relies upon, somewhat. i’m 25.

Ohh every time I leave the house I have my mp3 to listen to tunes while I walk, at home when I’m cleaning or just dancing around.. hehe I listen to music almost every day! love it.. PEace!

Same! In fact just yesterday I almost accidentally took a shower with my mp3 ear buds in. =P

Everyday in the morning after shower ^_^

I listen to it almost everyday

I’d say roughly six hours of the day. Longer at weekends.

same as you, when eating my supper in almost everything. i think i’ll listen to music during shower.

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