I am currently doing some friends a favour?

That costs me nothing but is saving them a lot of money. Tonight they want to take me and hubby out for meal to say thanks. I love going out with them but as they are in a tight spot for money at the moment should let them pay or go halves like we normally do? Your opinions would be nice.

your friends obviously want to make this occasion special, you may ruin it by trying to pay half, I dont think they would have asked you out if they couldnt afford it id go with the flow you could always get a couple of rounds in take the sting out of it a bit

Maybe you should let them pay if they want to, because this would be a ‘symbolic act’ balancing the situation (thay having an important benefit, you having none). This is the reason behind their taking you out for lunch, don’t you think? Even if they do spend some money, they do so for their own psychological comfort. The result- everybody’s happy.

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I think you should offer to go halves with them. They want to thank you but you could always say something like…. &quot:Your company is payment enough&quot:!

I would offer to pay half and if they insisted on paying the bill then I would let them. It may embarass them if you dont. Hope this helps.

dont go even for halves
bcoz whn they r inviting u they will not feel happy if u were involved in it.
but try to make the bill reduced.
im sure whtever b their position inviting will never xpcet any thing other than our arrival.

u pay some n let they pay the rest…halves

at least offer to go half and if they think they can afford to pay for it they will


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