Will America ever see a total solar eclipse in my lifetime?

I want to see one live, up close, and personal.

Depends on how long you’ll live. I’m looking forward to the 2017 eclipse. The path of totality cuts right across the entire country. At worst, you’ll have to drive all day to get there. Gas will only be $10 a gallon, so it’ll only cost you $100 each way. Your car does get 49 MPG, right? Mine does. Anyway, when you get there, you’ll see the whole event. The big shadow zooming across the ground, shadow bands, the whole solar corona, the diamond ring, Bailey’s Beads, and everything. Very cool stuff. I’m not sure which half of the country is going to fall into the ocean, but you’ll be there at the edge, and can choose the bit that doesn’t look like it’s falling in. The rest of us get a 50:50 shot.

I’m going to see the August 1st solar eclipse in a week or two. One of my buddies is in China now, and he has filmed it. He’ll do a couple weeks of editing and will present it at a club meeting. It’s going to be very cool. After all, his Greece total solar eclipse trip was very cool, and this year he’s got all new equipment, checked out and ready to go before hand.

You can see the August 1st solar eclipse using the wayback machine, which is right in front of you.

Tina and Richard are correct, as far as they go. I gave you a web site. And if you’re in Michigan, I’ll tell you where Ken’s giving his talk. And maybe I’ll carpool with you in 2017. And Gary doesn’t really believe the 2012 nonsense. It’s just a joke, like my bit about the shadow of the Moon cutting across America.

How long are you going to live?

the next total eclipse in Americ is in 2017.

But the &quot:area of totality&quot: is very small, so the TOTAL eclipse will be seen in only a very well defined path across the united states.

The trouble is, there are some people on here saying that the world is going to end in 2012.

There at the instant are not any entire photograph voltaic eclipses which would be seen in Iowa by way of 2100. there is an annular photograph voltaic eclipse which would be happening at break of day in Iowa on Jun 11 2048. you would be surprisingly fortunate for a entire photograph voltaic eclipse to happen the place you reside on your lifetime. maximum individuals could holiday to confirm them. luckily, in the subsequent 2 a protracted time you could word some entire eclipses with no need to holiday a techniques from Iowa.

Yeah, I Know it sucks.
I’m in the US too, and i am so bummed i dont get to see it 🙁

The only way to see it, is on tv the next day 🙁


even at that, you may need to travel.

later: murphy was an incurable optimist. 🙂


Tina is correct. And thanks to murphy, there is a good chance anywhere you are, it will be cloudy.

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