Why don’t my friends understand?

I’m 22 years old,female,just got my collage degree,and guess what,Im still a virgin!!
My friends make fun of me because they all have and i haven’t.I have met lots of nice guys but they all get turned off when they figure out that they aren’t going to get any.I never lead anybody on but our sorority is kinda a party house so they just assume.I have worked really hard to get to where i am and i don’t want some one night stand to mess that up.
I know deep down my friends are only playing,but sometimes they say things that really hurt my feelings.
What can i sayto them to make then understand how i feel?
need some new ideas

go tell on them to their parents lol.

sit them down and make them understand what/how you are feeling when they say mean things. Make sure they know that even though they are kidding, it still hurts. You have been very smart, and you should continue what you’re doing. Don’t screw up your future by some stupid one night stand. The right guy will come along eventually when the time is right. If you’re friends/guys that you meet don’t understand where you’re coming from, then they’re not worth it. Remember:you teach people how to treat you. And if you get pressured into sex just because you’re friends are teasing you, then you’ve let them win the battle. Stay strong and don’t listen to what they say. good luck!

Quite honestly your friends might be a bit jealous…they may not have all had good first time experiences if they are trying to make you feel bad about still being a virgin. Misery loves company. It’s ok to still be a virgin. You don’t want to focus on being a virgin to the point where you hurry up and lose it to a loser:) Take your time and find the one who is deserving of it and have fun with it, but don’t rush into anything you may regret for the rest of your life.

Tell your friends that every man prefers things brand new, untouched and unfooled around with not worn out, loose and used up.

Just say, &quot:To each their own.&quot:
That should be enough. At least it would be if they are your friends. Most friends are accepting of your behaviors if you’re accepting of theirs as well. You don’t have to approve of it, you just need to accept it. However, you should still expect some harmless jokes. You should have a sense of humor about it. It’s not like you should feel ashamed about it anyways.

tell them that you have too much going for you to risk anything, and tell them you havent met a guy worthy enough for you to share that special moment with you so until you meet him you are gonna stay the way you are! and dont let them hurt your feelings, deep down they probably jealous because they havent had the discipline that you have : )

hey there there is NOTHING wrong with being virgin when you find the right guy and you think that it is time it will happen and i think that it is very wrong of your friends to put you down cuz you havent done it yet when you and your body are ready it will happen! your friends should except you for who you are not what they want you to be! i hope that i helped you out some!

look dont let it get to you. and never give in or do somthing youdont want to do just because people say things.
and i dont know your religouse beilives but just tell your friends your saving yourself for marrige. or just come out and say it hurts your feelings if thier really your friends they’ll understandhope it helps =)

you just need to tell them that having meaningless sex is not what your into and when your ready youll do it. ask them to stop jokin cause really it’s not all that much of a jokin matter i mean theres nothing comical about it, it’s a life decision you made.

You really ought to just explain to them how much it hurts you…
they’re not true friends if they won’t accept you for you.

well either give it up or stand up for yourself.

you’re twenty two, you should be pretty damn proud.

your friends are all hoes. never fear, just save it for the right guy.

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