Why do liberals want to turn this nation anti-Christian?

Every public building has to take down its 10 commandment momument because some fussy liberal thinks that its violation of his freedom of speech. Christmas is no longer Godlike as it was before. People used to worship our Lord Christ, Savior’s birthday and it was this holiday tradition story that instilled important values for families to get together for a wholesome celebration. Liberals will have none of that so every public building that remotely has one Godlike image would hear some whiny liberal outrage. That is why Christmas is no longer about being spiritual but about money, a materialistic value that liberals uphold as part of their morals.

Liberals do not care about defiling the definition of marriage. A marriage has always been and will be between a man and a woman. Liberals want to keep pushing their views on others in making everyone accept their morally questioned beliefs that a gay couple deserves the right to be married. I prefer a constitutional ban on this type of marriage, but I know this would get some people riled up about civil rights. I will say this, gays can do whatever they want but they can’t force us to accept their gay agenda. Christian conservatives have already made their voices clear when California said yes on Prop 8 and will again in several states that will repeal acts protecting gay unions under the name marriage. Mark my words, the Christian grassroots is strong and we will catch up to liberal activism in getting our voices heard. We want a Christian nation that preserves and respects God’s laws. Its a shame that liberals have wrecked this country with their radical ‘political correctness’

What do you mean &quot:turn it into anti-Christian?&quot: It NEVER WAS Christian. Eff your little bs idea of what marriage is. What nonsense! It really is a union between two people who love each other and choose to be bonded legally. Has nothing to do with religion unless the couple desires that. Furthermore, gays will do what they may, and you can’t force them to accept your bigot agenda.

There is absolutely nothing anti-Christian about liberals. Liberals, like the ACLU, are trying to protect the basic human right of freedom from government imposed religion. This right is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution. You can practice your religion any way you choose as long as you don’t try to use government to force your religion on someone else. That would violate their right to religious freedom.

Its not liberals that have commercialized Christmas. It is the super capitalists that will do anything for a buck.

The gay marriage issue is pushed by gay people who believe they are trying to get equal treatment and protection from the law. This is a slightly complicated issue since the word marriage has a legal meaning as well as a religious meaning. In fact, there are very few places in the United States where gay marriage activists have had a little success. Republicans like to talk about a constitutional ammendment because it is an easy thing to talk about but a very difficult thing to do. Opposing gay marriage is a very effective political campaign issue since gay people are such a small minority of the population. So, Republicans will continue to campaign on this issue and use it to scare and anger people, but they won’t actually do anything about it. They campaigned about this in 2004 and took control of both houses of congress and the white house and they did absolutely nothing about it while they were in power.

The U.S. is a nation of religious freedom with a large Christian Majority. But, you cannot establish a Christian United States because it violates the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values on which our country was founded. The U.S. Constitution established the congress as the legislative branch of the government that has the authority to make laws. The Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution states that Congress shall make no laws regarding the establishment of religion.

It’s interesting how you want to force your views on everyone else in the first paragraph, then cry and whine about what you perceive as others forcing their views on you in the next paragraph.

In what way are your marriage or values affected if two people you don’t know are married at a wedding you did not attend? What business is it of yours? I would argue that your values are pretty shallow if you are affected by this.

This is not a Christian nation: it is a secular one. You are free to practice whatever religion you want, or none at all. The government has no role in religion whatsoever. Those of us who don’t want your religion shoved down our throats are not going anywhere. Ya better get cozy.

This is NOT a Christian nation and never should be. Yes, there are Christians in this nation. They can take up 90% of the nation but it was founded to be, is, and always should be a NATION OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and religious tolerance.

I think Christians have every right to have their monuments and whatnot, but I think that every other religion should have theirs too. Where are the Muslim statues/memorials? The Wiccan temples? The Jewish symbols on currency? There are none! Why? Because CHRISTIANS are the ones that are not tolerant. I’m not saying all Christians are not tolerant, but the mass majority are not because it is in their religious book (the Bible) that all other religions are not theirs and therefore devil worship. (By the way, you can’t actually worship the devil unless you are a Christian. Why? Because they don’t believe in the devil. The only people who are actual devil worshipers are either psychotic or just want attention.)

Muslims want to pray in public and suddenly it’s the end of the friggin world. What happened to this country? We should be able to pray in public, no matter what religion we are. We should be able to hold Wiccan rites in public on public property. We should be able to have Hanukkah parties in public schools, along with Christmas parties.
But no. If those things happened Christians would lose it and demand action. They would most likely to involve the government, when government shouldn’t be included in religious affairs at all. I think it’s pathetic that some things (like having a Wiccan temple) can’t be done because Christians would do despicable things ‘in the name of God’. Sure, let’s kill the leader and/or founder of this new temple ‘in the name of god’ even though god specifically told us not to kill. It’s really sickening.
You say you want your voices heard? Your voices are pretty much the ONLY voices being heard! Half the time, they’re law! You really need to get over yourselves and start having respect and at least attempting to have tolerance for others.

You only think that other religions don’t have a moral foundation, but they do. Maybe if you were actually educated about them or bothered to find out, you’d know. But you like to stick to your ‘all knowing’ ignorance.

Gays have a right to be united. Love is love. Since you seem to want a copyright on the word ‘marriage’ as having the definition strictly as a Christian unity under god. You know what? Make up another word for it, I don’t care. But homosexuals deserve to be legally bound and recognized just as heterosexuals are. If they chose for religion to be brought into it, that’s between them and the god they worship. No one, and I mean NO ONE has any right whatsoever to get involved in that.

And Christmas was turned into Christmas by Christians. Jesus was actually most likely born in the month of September. The reason the celebration is in December is because of the Pagan holiday Yule (21st of December this year). It was turned from Pagan to Christian for the sole purpose of trying to convert as many people from other religions as they possibly could. That’s all very well and all, but for god’s sake, leave other religion’s holidays alone. Like Samhain? Now Halloween. It’s a day marking the new year by one of the most popular religions (possibly the biggest, back before Christianity) so they make it an ‘evil day’. So don’t go on about Christmas. It’s not even ‘your’ holiday.

By the way, I missed the part where Jesus said to hate gay people. Jesus loves EVERYONE (and that means EV-ERY-ONE). Get over it.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Christianity. However, they need to remember that it is THEIR religion, not everyone elses. Don’t push your beliefs on us and we won’t push ours (or our non beliefs) on you. Every religion needs to have respect and tolerance for every other, ESPECIALLY in this nation, where religious freedom is the very foundation. Also, keep religion separate from law and government. Not doing so only starts wars.

Nah, I disagree. i think of a extra suitable proportion of human beings contained in the rustic are atheist/agnostic than ever until eventually now. and that i think of secularism is increasing. &quot:they debated on whether a fertilized egg became right into a real guy or woman&quot: looks like a valid debate, by using fact being a guy or woman isn’t like being a human. To be a guy or woman, you prefer sentience. A fetus would not have sentience until eventually sometime contained in the 0.33 trimester. and because you suggested the Duggars, they only introduced they’re watching for their twentieth infant.

Liberals want to get rid of Christianity and make Islam the official state religion. That’s why you never hear liberals complaining about Muslim-only prayer rooms, footbaths, or forced Koran readings in public schools.

I love what Christianity espouses, and the morals it teaches. I believe the Bible is one of the most beautiful works of arts, sans the few extreme and violent statements in it that don’t have a place in our modern American world. (Stoning, etc.) Putting authoritarian politics into it ruins it for me, makes it not so nice.

At the same time, given what has been done in the name of religion, is it wrong to be concerned about mixing in a little too much theology into the government?

No not really they just want to follow what the Constitution says stating in the 1st amendment:

The amendment prohibits the Congress from making laws &quot:respecting an establishment of religion&quot:, prohibiting the free exercise of religion

this country was founded on freedom of religion

Perhaps you have forgotten WHY this country was founded! Religious freedom!

As to gay marriages…you people whine about government control…just how controlling are you telling people who they can marry and not marry?

And our founding fathers had to be Liberals to create this country! If not for Liberals…we would be under British rule today!

And why can’t people have different views and different religions? Is that wrong? Isn’t that why there is fighting in the Middle East?

The Pledge of Alligance says &quot:One nation under God….&quot: But is does not define WHICH God!

It has to due with Marxism.. liberals don’t understand that the new ‘progressive liberals are truly socialists. Socialists hate the church and believe in a separation of church and state. Many of America’s founding principles are based on the Protestant religion.

I am not implying that the church have any influence on the state.

More to the point, if people do not believe in religion, it is easier for the state to function not only as the state, but as the church for the people.

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