Should LeBron James guard Kyrie Irving just to crush the Cavaliers’ self-esteem?

Lol, if LeBron guards him he’ll end up with 6 pts, 2 assists, 8 TO’s! and you can take that to the bank!!!

Look at what he did to Rose in the playoffs last yr and Rose is 20x better than Irving!!!

First off Kyrie Irving is a rookie so yeah he would probably have a bad game if LeBron guards him. Secondly as a rookie Kyrie is having a great season and he will be the ROY. Give this matchup a few years and Kyrie will score on LeBron all day. LeBron has experience and Kyrie is a rookie, but if he cuts down on TO’s then his stats would be better than most PG’s in the league.

actual. collectively as Anthony Parker is a good defender: Pierce is enhanced and rapid off the dribble, which might pose a challenge for Parker. Delonte West is the Cavs merely right determination for guarding Rondo: and collectively as i think of Rondo might nevertheless make contributions, West has a extra perfect shot at containing him, then in case you had to apply LeBron: you will possibly lose defensively someplace else, consisting of Williams guarding Allen and Parker guarding Pierce – the two a type of matchups heavily choose the Celtics. one ingredient all of us recognize is Mo Williams can not preserve Rondo and Anthony Parker is merely too sluggish. This leaves Delonte West whom is a good defender. I anticipate to be sure this next sport.

Dude youre messed up. it sounds like you hate everything but lebron. take your depressed self somewhere else. oh lebron needs a girlfriend i’ll hook it up but dont expect a ring when he proposes to you

Thats hilarious

Yes cleveland deserves that at the least

I don’t think Kyrie deserves that much punishment.

yeh it will wake the rook up and realise hes not all that

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