scorpios … this ones for you …?

what does it mean when a scorpio ignores someone?

either a friend or lover

list all motives:

As a Scorpio, I try to be very careful about people thinking I’m ignoring them. If I am super-mad at someone, the ignoring them is like a laser beam message, &quot:You have hurt me, so now you don’t exist.&quot: But, for the most part, I do not ignore someone, especially the people I care about. If it seems I am ignoring, it’s usually because I’m truly busy. If it’s someone I like (as in, a romantic way), and am trying to figure out if they like me, I’m not ignoring, but trying to size up the situation. Scorpio’s are very careful with their hearts, so any signal of rejection is sooo painful. I pay very close attention to the other persons’ messages, looking for clues so to speak.
So, if it’s a friend that seems to be ignoring you, ask if they are stressed/busy lately. (they will appreciate the gesture.)
If it’s a Scorpio of the opposite sex that you are possibly interested in, and can’t figure out if they are ignoring your feelings, be patient. At some point the Scorpio will let you know loud and clear how they feel.
Good Luck…and, really, be patient.

Scorpios are extremely loyal people to those they deem special, they love with all their heart so whether it’s a friend or lover if they ignore someone or dont make contact for a very long time it usually means something awful has been done by the one they are ignoring something that disgusts the scorpio. A scorpio will often know that a person has done something wrong to them but will not always confront them about it, instead they just drop contact, if a person has done a wrong and keeps pushing the scorpio all hell will break loose as once the scorpio has been hurt and pushed they will loose it and go nuts.
On the other hand, the scopio may simply be shy or more likely, busy with someone else that they are devoting themselves to.

well it really depends i have very close friends who i have been friends with forever sometimes i get busy and they understand you have to understand that some scorpios are moody sometimes we just don’t feel like talking ,you should not always take it personally might be that something is going on in our lives and until we sort it out we want to be alone it does not necessarily mean we don’t like you or are ignoring you on purpose that is why scorpios are so misunderstood when we have problems we try to deal with them alone so we don’t burden other
people , my dear your scorpio friend is confused give them some time
or the next time you see them give them a shake lol tell them it’s time to wake up.

If I ignore someone it means I’m feel disappointed in them, I’m just annoyed by there presence or I’m done with them.period.

It’s normally down to disloyalty for me as people always let me down when I give them all the attention and trust but they just throw it back in my face. Or, it might be just if I don’t get what I want I’ll go in a huff-n-puff!

:] Kiki

well if it’s a scorpio, than they are REALLY pissed, especially if they have trusted you alot. Maybe they are also getting bored or something is going on with them that they don’t want to tell. Or maybe they want you to ask them what’s wrong. It might be a test of some sort.

When that happens, the ignored person, REALLY MESSED UP!

they’ve changed, like theyre personality or they just werent the person i thought they were

for me it means that they have changed

scorpios are secretive = )

i don’t like them anymore, they’ve changed their impression

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