My 3 year old daughter fell off the top of her bunk bed?

We have already been to the hospital and now we are back at home and she is telling us that she can only see fog and she keeps throwing up.
Should we go back to the doctor, or just make her go to bed. The doctor said she would start complaining to just tell her she will get better over time?
I don’t want her to get a concussion or go blind?
Please help. Thanks.

She has a concussion and you need a different doctor.
The fog and vomiting are signs of concussion.

EDIT @ Ethel’s response. My eldest has had a bunk bed since she was 3. She’s never fallen out. But her’s was hand made for her father and has really high rails.

You will want to get higher rails and push one side against the wall.

EDIT: Tell the nurses at the hospital who saw her and that you would like a different doctor.
You could also go to a different hospital.

Wow you should be at the hospital right now !!! If your kids telling you somethings off why would you think twice !! If she does have a concussion the last thing you want to do is send her to bed

Blurriness and vomiting are major signs of concussions!!! Bring her in right now! If you feel a bump on her head it isnt as bad but still bring her in if theres on bump it means the bruising is internal! this could be fatal! at any rate bring her in right now!

Since you already went to the doctor. Just lay by her side with a bucket or something else that can hold her throw up and try to get her to rest or sleep. If she doesn’t want to, get her to sit or lay down and just be awake.

If you really feel like you need to than fallow your instincts and go back to the doctor, maybe a different one to get a second opinion: better safe than sorry!

If she were my child I’d take her back to the hospital to hell with what that doctor said she’s not his baby

Go to a different hospital and get a 2nd opinion! I wouldnt let her sleep :/

Take her back.

BTW, bunkbeds are for kids 7 and up, not 3 year olds.

Please go back to the hospital. If she is throwing up this is a serious issue.

yes go back to E.R. A.S.A.P

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