Is working at a hospital in real life anything like it is in the show Scrubs?

Please use details. Do you meet friends and become great friends like in Scrubs? Are the situations ever similer? Thank you.

NOOOOO real life hospitals are not like scrubs. i think they are more like ER which shows patients waiting for hours in a waiting room before getting check. being in a hospital is alot scarier than is shown on tv. there is always screaming or crying from pain. the doctors tend to be friends like in greys anatomy. my cousin is a doctor and she is friends with alot of the doctors she worked with…probably cuz they went to med school together. she has some horror stories about life in the hospital. doctors work 48 hrs on shift with lil sleep and it can take its toll.even on ur days off u may have to come in to do paper work. you could home in bed at 3 in the morning and a patient calls with an emergency at the hospital u have to get out of bed and run to the hospital and may get stuck there until ur shift comes up anyway. life for doctors in hospitals doesnt seem like its fun. in fact my cousin constantly says she doesnt have a life, all she has is the hospital.

to the poster directly after me according to my cousin there is alot of sleeping around going on at the hospital. she has never seen greys’ anatomy due to working all the time but when i told her about it she said it could be written about the hospital she worked at. the nurses and doctors have booty calls in their cars in the parking lot too. where else can u do it when u spend all ur time in a hospital?

I have never watched Scrubs, but I have worked in a country hospital. It was a place of too many chiefs, backstabbing &amp: ‘cliques. The nurses looked down on the domestic staff even though we earned twice as much,and infighting was the norm.A friend assures me it’s still the same these days. I have a penfriend in England , &amp: he &amp: his wife are both on the nursing staff of a Hull hospital. I’ll email him &amp: ask him what it’s like over there &amp: send you an email when I get his answer. That could take a week or so if he’s busy.

KooKee! How can you watch that crap? I started watching ER at it’s beginning, but dropped it after Dr Green was getting it on with his wife in the linen cupboard! Now I ask you, how often would that happen in a busy ER unit in any hospital?

I’ve worked in hospitals for 33 years and wish they were even a little bit like Scrubs. It wouldnt be good for the patients or the hospital-but it sure would be a lot more fun. I’ve made friends and we sometimes have parties, but nothing like it is on tv. Even ER isnt that accurate but-it’s a lot more true to life than Scrubs.

Oh Yes of course it is !!!

All chief of medicines are nasty, all nurses are sexy !!
All interns are naive and scared !!!

And all Doctors are like Dr Cox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a basketbal court outside each hospital !!!

All janitors do no work and harass employees !!

BUT all sarcasm aside, some stories are based on true events, such as when Dr cox’s transplant patients get rabies !!, that really happened in real life !!

I’m sure if you are a doctor you will make good friends with other doctors and nurses


Binga – You must see Scrubs first then judge it my friend !!!

Of course the show Scrubs is like in real life in a hospital, just watch the news, people are constantly getting stitched up with surgery tools still inside them and wrong body parts are getting operated on or amputated.

Of course not. Scrubs is REALLY fiction.

&gt:&gt:&gt:JEEZ,,,,I hope not!! I would hope that If I was in the hospital that there would be a lot less drama going on in peoples life’s who were treating me&gt:&gt:&gt:lol



It is based on a true story, after all

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