im not saying i hate gays i love them but i have read in the bible that god hates why do u think thats so?

i love gays i mean im bi but i hear so many people talk oh how god hates gay and that we are all going to hell. also when god comes to earth he is going to kill all the gays. i got kicked out of my house cuz i told my family i liked girls more then i liked guys.
i just wanna how the gay community feels about this.

God hates no one… We are all sinners and I dont believe God ever intended men to have sex with Men or Women to have sex with Women… Yes I believe it is a sin but Im not going to Judge Gay people, thats between them and God…

It doesn’t say that in the Bible! If you think so, show me where.

The most common &quot:points&quot: that anti-gay idiots quote are
that &quot:man shall not lie with man as with a woman.&quot: In crude but
bold words, if a man tries to f*** a man like he would a woman,
he should not. Well, duh…it’s not physically possible for two men
to do the missionary position, because they don’t have a Vajuju.
(As Oprah called it.) (They may rub, but can’t penetrate there.)

The other one used is from the tale of Sodom and Gamorarah.
Most scholars agree that the story is meant to criticize in-hospitality, and not sexual orientation.

Consider also that until the 1940’s the word &quot:homosexual&quot: never existed. It was CREATED by the Kinsey’s to describe people who are sexually attracted to their own sex. Yet thee Bible existed for thousands of years before this. So how could God object to
something for which there was no word or definition until the 1940’s?

And here is a possibly gay-support statement in the Bible:
1 Thessalonians 3:12. I think so, what says you?

And then there is Jesus, son of God, who ran around with 12
(count ’em!) guys who were single! Jesus never married, and
even called one his &quot:beloved&quot: (John 21). Sounds pretty &quot:gay&quot:
to me!!!

But people will argue about this to the end of time. Wasn’t God’s
who message to love, be of love, and love each other?

And why would a loving God. who tells us he loves us, send
ANYONE to hell FOREVER??? As George Carlin said, sounds
pretty sick to me!!!

You can believe what you want to. Just don’t let the religious bigots and idiots tell you what to believe.

In recent decades, it has been revealed that at the time and in the place that the Bible was written, the only gay relationships known to exist were between prostitutes and their clients, and older men who were molesting young boys. It was unheard of for two men or two women to be in a committed relationship with each other back then and there. But today, many people believe that had those relationships been known to exist in the Middle East before and during Christ’s time, the authors of the Bible would have been much kinder to gays. At any rate, no rationalizations — be they religious, philosophical, scientific, or otherwise — will ever convince me that this world is going to hell in a handbasket because of whom people love!

I’m not gay, but my half-brother is. It dosen’t say that God hates Gaypeople and will kill them all nowhere in the Bible I promise you. Whoever told you that is stupid….:) But it is true that the church on the whole has a dim view of it. They feel that God want us to continue the human race and we can not do this if we are gay.

Of course many priests do not have a problem with this but on a whole, most do. In my opinion, it’s a very dim view but there you go.

Hope I’ve helped! Xx

The Bible was written thousands of years ago by MEN who wanted to keep patriarchy and this whole notion of their &quot:ideal family&quot: intact.

Those passages do not apply today.

Have you ever worn your hair in braids? If you have you are going to hell. Have you ever gotten a higher test score or have achieved a higher status than ANY man anywhere? whoops! you are going to hell. Women have to submit to men in EVERYTHING.

It also says in the Bible that women are only good for child bearing. Adulterers should be stoned. You know, the words of peace and justice of course.

Jesus never said a thing about gay people. I’d follow Jesus and not what MAN has written.

The Bible, as we know it today, has been written by men. Not one word is a first hand account since the language of even the Dead Sea Scrolls was ancient. It is only recently that scholars have realized they misinterpreted certain words. &quot:Thou shalt not kill&quot: is actually ‘Thou shalt not murder’ and {gasp} Mary Magdalene was NEVER a prostitute, but rather a wealthy patron. But ‘certain’ factions couldn’t have that become known..a woman standing at Christ’s right hand?? Ohh no..couldn’t allow that.

My God loves everyone equally. My God does not interfere with the decisions of ‘mankind.’ S/He will wait to let me know what S/He thought of my actions in this life, but one thing I know for won’t matter to my God whether I was attracted to men or women.

I’m straight BTW.

God does not and can not hate anyone. It goes against any and all things he is.

the Bible is a joke, plain and simple. so much crap written by a MAN…not a God…a MAN….and it’s not even as if God sat there and said…write this…write that….blah blah blah

so, no…God isn’t coming back to Earth. His Son is. And, no…he won’t be killing us. He will be too busy killing the &quot:Christians&quot: that take his name, life, and death in vain.

DEATH to the False Christians!!

can you tell I’m a bit pissy today?

&quot:People very often talk about God as a kind of acquaintance, whom they can second-guess. People will say God loves that, God wills that and God despises the other. And very often, the opinions of the Deity are made to coincide exactly with those of the speaker.&quot:

Will someone please show me where in the Bible it actually says,&quot:GOD HATES GAYS!&quot: I don’t know what Bible you are referring to but I have never read that in any Bible that I have ever owned. Is this a rare type of Bible? God hates gays, how absurd!

NO, god loves everyone. and if they’re EVIL he wont accept them to heaven, but if ur gay and ur a really nice person, helping other people, asking for forgivness, trying hard not to sin, it doesnt matter what sex you like! God lets any one good person into heaven!

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