Im 16 and own 5500 dollar diamond earrings and a 1500$ Gucci purse. My aunt called me dumb do you б№­hink the same?

It doesn’t make you dumb at all. It just means you or the gift giver are rich.

Not dumb. That’s her opinion. She would most likely to prefer to spend her money more wisely.

Having fancy things doesn’t make you dumb but it is a stereotype. However, why would someone need a 1,500 dollar purse? It better have a lot of pockets…

Yes, it makes you dumb. Sorry

Paris Hilton inherited 300 MILLION, at BIRTH.

From the day she was BORN,. she was Worth $300 MILLION.

So, just having diamond earrings, and a fancy purse proves nothing, except that you had wealthy parents.

Or like Miley Cyrus……….maybe you were a teen or child star, and millions yourself by the time you were 16.

Nothing dumb about that at all.

First of all, in English, the $ sign goes before the number, not after, and it is customary to write the $ sign, and not the word &quot:dollar&quot: like you did in the first part of the question.

$5500 is a lot of money

yes, because those material things are unimportant, and don’t make you important or smart

No you’re not dumb. My question is, where the bloody hell did you get that money, you’re only 16 and I doubt you have a full time job! Did you rob your parents or a bank or something??

No you don’t. You just asked a question about your &quot:friend&quot: who has these things. Don’t feel bad that you don’t have these material things. You are only 16 and have lots of time to get an education, get a good job and EARN those things.

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