If you heard a knock on your door & it was John McCain on his knees begging u to please vote for him ->?

Next week what would you do?

I still wouldn’t vote for him, he is too old, Obama has a sexy voice. Oh and I can’t vote anyway so too bad for him.

Slap him and Tell him I can vote anyways.

Say &quot: I like your cakes&quot: Sorry ,bad joke but couldn’t resist.

ask him if he fell and broke a hip..then close the door and let him lay there

Call the police.

I’d laugh and shut the door.

I’d ask where the TV camera must be

Laugh right in his face and say forget it Johnny I’m voting Obama.

I would push him down and step on his neck

Honestly? I would lose all respect for the man, that seems too desperate.

call home land security on him!

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