FIFA: Is it true that despite their rivalry, Barcelona and Real Madrid …?

deep down actually like each other? :O

One of the quotes i came across is Football is just like politics. The two sides pretend to hate each other’s guts but behind the doors they’re all drinking and laughing together.

I couldn’t agree more … Opinions?

There was rivaly between Real and Barca before Pep and Raul were even born. Just because two of them are friends it doesn’t mean every Barca and Real fan should befriends now.

Eduardo’s best friend is Luka Modric and they’re hanging out in London every day…. should because of that all Arsenal and Tottenham fans like each other??? Of course not…

Well there is a rivalry, big time. Barca and Real HATE each other. But you have to maintain respect and dignity. Raul is a very respected man, and he has respect for the people, not the club. Gardiola is a friend, nothing more. If hey weren’t, they might have been in blows! jk. Both are cool minded ppl who dont let rivalries get the better of them

Look at, for eg, Gerrard and Rooney, they play for the team that each other HATE, yet they’re frnds!

Kudos to the Figo reminder!

Maybe only a true friendship between Raul and Pep, but I dont see others from Barza or Madrid being to good of friends. I dont see Pique hanging out with Ramos, or Iker going out drinking with Valdes, or Xaxi Hernandez with Xabi Alonso going on vacation.. They might all be teammates in the national team but I dont think theyre the best of friends in real life, not that they hate each other but simply are just not friends either.

I think nowadays the rivalry is more tradition than actual rivalry.
Look at the teams even the spanish guys are not necessarily from madrid or Barcelona, so i dont think they actually hate each other, but years ago when teams were mainly made up of local players i think the rivalry was very real.

That’s because there was no influence of Mourinho on the players of Real Madrid, it means that YOU are better ”coach” than Mourinho because Real Madrid has the all qualities to beat Barca (probably only ones right now). The only problem is Mourinho and his cowardly approach to the game, Real Madrid has the TEAM that can beat Barca but unfortunately (for you guys) Mourinho is too scared of Barca to actually put an attacking formation that suits perfectly to the squad that Real Madrid has.

I don’t think &quot:like each other&quot: defines a football rivalry. It’s more along the line of mutual respect. An athletic rivalry. But it’s perfectly fine and typical of players from rival clubs (or even some fans) to enjoy friendships.

You can tell theres still rivalry to a certain extent, however it isnt anywhere near as heated as the SpursvsArsenal, Man utdvsLiverpool, NewcastlevsSunderland and especially MillwallvsWest ham!! there are other very fierce rivalries as someone mentioned the turkish clubs for instance, but as for BarcГЎ and Real i beleive they have grown to respect one another, so for them they dont mind seeing the other doing well as long as they do better, where most footballing rivalries not only want thier team to do well but the other do very bad!

i think the rivalry is there, and their styles contrast so when they play of course there is going to be a rivalry there. but yes agree, the english would call it a &quot:weak&quot: rivalry as in not vocally loud, and not heated. i say this second hand of course as i have only heard from the Real Madrid fan Spanish exchange student that i met. he goes to every home game at the bernabeu he said, and this is what he told me.
lol my favorite Derby to watch personally is arsenal v tottenham as it is always a close game, and im bias being an arsenal fan. but another that just radiates kill each other is fernebache and galatasaray (lol mind you idk how to spell them off the top of my head, probably butchered both)

but worlwide barca v real madrid is a huge rivalry, it is one of the most watched and most intriguing as both are amazing clubs

one love

I don’t think players on those two teams like each other at all, on and off the field. This rivalry has been too intense for any real friendship to develop.

its only the fans that hate each other, but barca and madrid players are actually good friends. not to mention they all play for the Spain national team together

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