Do you agree or disagree with this spirituality quote?

&quot:We’re not human beings on a spiritual journey but rather spiritual beings on a human journey.&quot:

I agree with you.Life is nothing but a big school.All to enrich our souls.

Wrong. The senses can be fooled and so can people. If that quote was correct then it’s not possible for there to be any such thing as accidents. Because if the quote is correct and &quot:Either you are there or you are not there&quot: then either you deliberately did something or you were not there. We know that there are various states of consciousness and people can do things under the influence, sleep walking daydreaming etc and these cannot be called deliberate acts.

Well Benny if your not a Christian you shouldn’t understand the Bible. I like the quote very much so. I believe that we were placed here on earth so that we might earn our way to heaven an improve ourselves so that an eternity of happiness will mean something. We can not understand the complicated things without understanding the basics. Basics being this physical form and the complex things being completely not being something we cant comprehend, at this moment in time. I totally agree.

We’re human beings on a human journey.

we are both humans on a spiritual journey and spirits on a human journey ^^

It’s a beautiful quote, but I try not to deviate from what’s written in the bible. other spiritual writings drain my energy resources, and, often are not to the point, and can be potentially misleading.

I would venture that the Church of Spiritual Life would agree.

Absolutely True.

Very True. However many people have forgotten it, otherwise world would have been a better place to live.

Defintly true! I’m guessing this is coming from a hindu or a buddhist (im probably wrong)??

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