Why do some people assume senior citizens don’t use technology?

I know many people that live in my apartment complex that have PC’s, tablets, and cell phones!
My senior housing has a computer room, and I have a laptop PC in my apartment.

So what’s up with the idea that older people have no clue about tech stuff?

You don’t have an ipod, a smart phone or an ipad, so you are considered antiquated by the younger generation.

We had a Flit for getting rid of flies and an AirWick for freshening the air. I remember body mist deodorant being in a bit plastic lilac puffer bottle before Mum rollette got here onto the market. What occurred to Vim powder for cleaning the sink/tub and many others and Harpic powder for the bathroom

The people who believe that are young and when you are 30 years old you think 75 is ancient and cannot imagine them being tech savvy or having sex for that matter. What people you know assume seniors dont like technical stuff? Possibly another reason is they like to think of grandparents in a traditional role and dont want to accept we are up to date on electronics.

I took my first computer class around 1992 on the small Macs.

I,m 64 and. Am not sure all young people feel that way. most of the. Time they know we,re not. As savvy as they are w,ich most of us aren’t,t.But most young people in stores etc expect that u know how to basically use the computer. I have even found some that were quite willing to explain. Something I didn’t,t know. Same wi.th my young coworkers.

I do not stereotype other SCs. I would guess that there is a prevailing lack of knowledge among the general population. BUT saying that may mean that I AM stereotyping the general population… lol

They don’t bother asking or trying to have a conversation on such matters with the elderly. They assume that we are just like some other old people they know – who don’t have all this stuff – and have decided that none of us have it either. It’s ignorant, arrogant and foolish but that is actually what many young people are.

They don’t approach their elders for information of advice, just for money.

Because the younger generation thinks everything was born with them and that they invented sex, drugs and rock &amp: roll…..and computers and electronics. It is they who have no clue and are narrow minded. But this is normal thinking of every generation.

they just think it is theirs. Fact of matter it was older people who invented the devices that these younger ones take claim for

Just generalizations made by small minded people, they come in all ages.

Learning how to use the technology is very difficult especially if there’s no good instructions showing how to do it.

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