Why do people hate Americans? I can see hating our government, but why the people?

When you think about it, America is a part of almost every nation out there, meaning we are a part of everybody. America is made up from immigrants from all over the world, from Europe, Asia, South America, etc… When you hate or harm Americans, you are harming your own ancestors. Am I right?

I agree..
I’ve been wondering about this fact for quite a time. Some people are just so stereotypical, I mean their hatred to America is based mainly on the government activities towards their countries or beliefs, but the problem here is those people do really forget that there are many Americans out there who share with them the same perspective towards the gov, and many others who defend them and speak for their rights..

So, sadly I guess you’re right, many good Americans are being hated as well, but I believe that everyday more people realize this fact.. so, by time.. this hatred is surely fading away..

No. You are not right. Americans are insular. And whats with that immigration thing anyway? You all seem to be 4th generation irish or 6th generation spanish or second generation werewolf. Other countries have a history of migration but are proud enough to say to which country they belong. I believe it is down to your countries serious lack of history. Last time I visited the states i found the people- every single one- self centred, arrogant and stupid to the point it made me cry. On top of that i was watching fox news in the hotel when ‘world news’ came on. Great I can catch up on news from home. No. World news meant news from every state in america not other countries. You yanks need to open your eyes.

No, because there are also many americans who are not immigrants and don’t tolerate others. When people say they hate americans they are obviously not talking about the immigrants.

If you live in a city do you lock your doors? Caller ID your calls?

We are wary of our own, why shouldn’t another county be.

If we all hated americans we wouldn’t be buying the hollywood films ,bet if anyone seen a big hollywood star eg Jack Nicholson they aren’t going to say I hate you your american .
You can’t say you hate americans and want to visit there and watch the tv shows ,films ,music etc
If anyone says they hate americans they have to not be able to do any of the above or they are liars.

Yes I agree that your right. I really don’t think people really think of it that way. Or if they hate americans that much then they would look at the immigrants as traitors or such thing like that.

Exactly BECAUSE of the oblivion!!!
In not understanding why, you/they present the very &quot:aloofness&quot: and cluelessness that so enrages people to start with!
How can you honestly say you dont know why??
Isnt it clear to you?
Look at the world around you- see whats going on?
Dont you even SEE other people, understand them, know what concerns them that we overlook?
We selfishly trodden on their concerns… but not just to our own ‘betterment’, ironically, to our own demise as well, in so many ways….

I have no American ancestry. Many users on answers from your country show a very dislikeable arrogance.
I would not use the word hate, insufferable at times, yes.

Which is evident in your answers so far……..
No-one is jealous and why would we think you are the best, give me a break.

well yeah… I don’t hate americans… hate is a very strong word…

They hate us,but still the would rather live here than their own country,and make the good American dollar.

Americans, in general, are very ignorant about the rest of the world.

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