How to make my 2002 mustang faster?

I’m getting into the whole fast car thing, but I don’t that many things and what to do. I just bought a 2002 Mustang it’s V6 I just wanted know I what I need, I’ve heard an intakes and an exhausts, but I’m not sure what that is. Also how do make your car sound bad ***, I’ve heard some cars that sound like they’re taking a **** and they sound annoying . I would like to know thanks people.

There are a few good options as far as cheap power for 3.8/3.9L V6 Mustangs.

But first, let me say that you will see some companies and people (even on Yahoo answers) claim that you can gain 20hp (or 20%) from a cold air intake or 50hp from an intake/exhaust/chip combo, or any number of other claims. Either they are trying to sell you these products or they don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to 3.8L and 3.9L Mustangs. Period. Virtually all of the bolt-ons for 3.8L/3.9L Mustangs are worth 0-10whp. Be wary of people or companies claiming more.

Secondly, given the nature of your questions, I would very much suggest you do some significant research at websites like in order to get yourself acquainted with the lingo and what different modifications really are. I would especially suggest checking out the Wiki page on It has a lot of FAQ, a glossary, etc, for those who are just starting out with the V6 Mustang.

Now, for some of the inexpensive but effective mods for the V6 Mustang:

1. Tune: 5-12hp, probably, depending on the tune parameters and octane fuel it is tuned for… I recommend an XCAL2 or XCAL3 from Justin @ VMP. He is the second largest SCT dealer in the country and the leading 3.8/3.9L Mustang tuner hands down. See for more info. Expect to pay ~$300+.

2. Underdrive Pulleys: Essentially, these scavenge a little power away from the other accessories by &quot:underdriving&quot: them, and result in what most people consider a noticeable gain. Probably somewhere around 5whp. These kits are around ~$200 prior to installation.

3. Cold Air Intake: A good beginner part because it can easily be installed by someone with little experience. Also, it is inexpensive. You can pick one up for as little as ~$50 off of ebay, or spend as much as $250 for a new one from a name-brand company. As far as power gained, the differences between them are minimal and the gain is somewhere around 3-5whp. In my personal experience (the car was dyno’d before the CAI and after, with no other changes made)the car gained ~5whp on Roush’s Dyno.

4. Exhaust: There are a million options here, and most of the difference is price and sound. Don’t expect huge power gains. In fact, dual exhaust generally moves the powerband up a little in the rpm range, so it can seem as if you’ve actually lost power at lower rpms. I recommend going to V6 Mustang websites and listening to exhaust clips to determine which sound you like. The price of exhaust can range from close to free (if you can get a GT/non-IRS Cobra owner to give you their old exhaust) all the way to Borla or custom setups that can easily be more than $500.

5. Gears/T-loc: This is a little more expensive than some of the other options, but it offers a very noticeable improvement in acceleration, although engine horsepower/torque is theoretically unchanged. I recommend doing some research on the subject at or

In fact, I suggest doing some additional research on the modification subject in general on the above sites just to make sure you’re getting the kind of gains and improvements that you want and so you’re happy with the money you’ve spent. Also, feel free to PM me on either of those sites (my name is the same there) with any other questions you have.

Good luck.

Your best bets are

Super six is a little pricy
I reccomend have your stuff done yourself

also for throttle body pulleys and intake etc go with

If you have a 94-04 mustang contact me I am trying to sell my V6 Parts

[email protected]

My new project is my 03 Stage 2 Roush Mustang

As far as your exhaust here is what you do

have a 95 Supercharged V6 Mustang that gets mistakened for a Cobra or GT all the time.

But I have never heard any other V6’s sound like mine

1 5/8 Mac headers
pipes performance off road X Pipe
Dual Flowmaster 40 series
2 1/2&quot: pipe all the way with 3 inch tips

For a serious amount more power, you’ll need a serious amount of cash. Unless you can drop in a motor and change all the electrical harnesses yourself, you had might as well trade it in on a V8 version. For a minimal, yet still slightly noticeable increase in power you can improve the intake, and exhaust efficiency with performance parts there. You could also remove all your interior (including every seat but the drivers) and anything else that adds unnecessary weight. But I’m sure you like having a comfortable car, so that’s probably not going to work for you. You could go with a performance cam, a mild one. And if you don’t like your A/C unit, if you can find a way to bypass it through the belt system (like a belt designed for a model without A/C) you could tear that out for a small increase in engine response. But likely it won’t be too much faster that it is right now. If I was you, I’d buy a true Mustang with a V8.

2002 Mustang

Trade it in for a V8 or swap one in yourself. But if you dont know what &quot:an exhausts&quot: is an engine swap is out of the question.
If however you must stick with your 6 banger, the usual bolt ons will help a bit. This is cold air intake, short tube headers, and full dual exhaust. Going beyond that, Paxton is working on a bolt on twin turbo setup for those engines (expect about 5000 miles before your eating your own headgaskets)

At this point your main focus should be learning about your car and performance mods in general, Pick up a copy of the magazine Muscle Mustangs &amp: Fast Fords at your newstand and start reading! Welcome to the world of mustangs!

first off put a k&amp:n air filter in it, that will give you 20% more power and fuel savings, then a flowmaster muffler, another 10-15 % gain in power, reduced diameter pulleys for the ac and compressor for the ac, have the oem computer re programed by a shop that works on fords ( not gm junk ) and use premium gas, dont believe the bs that you car was made to run on 87 octaine, thats horse doo doo, you could also change the rear tires to ones that area inch shorter in height, that will give you the effect of having changed the gear ratio

Need one with a V-8 to get the real power and sound flowmaster exhaust is one the best in my opinion.

its a v6 its not gonna be fast, save your money and trade it in for a v8

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