Should Obama testify under Oath regarding the IRS scandal? Is he lying about his involvement?

He seems to have no clue or he’s lying about his involvement with the IRS scandal.

Top IRS officials, whose agency was under investigation for targeting conservative groups, visited the Obama White House more than 100 times over two years while the probe was going on, far more often than in previous administrations and frequently enough that Republicans suspect White House officials knew about the targeting.

People are finally seeing through Barack Obama.
And, the IRS scandal is only an indicator of how the Obama Administration has used every government agency to &quot:punish his enemies&quot: and &quot:reward his friends&quot:.
He has used the EPA , the Justice Department, the Agriculture Department,…….every government department, every government service, and every government program, to this effect.
Even most of the &quot:stimulus&quot: money went and is still going to his &quot:friends.
(few realize the majority of the &quot:Stimulus&quot: became part of the baseline budget and has been spent every year since.)
The Obama Administration has stooped to the lowest level of any in history with it’s bag of dirty politics.
The Administration is little more than an organized crime syndicate.
This is becoming more &quot:transparent&quot: with every new scandal.

the quest warrant authorized by skill of Holder grew to become into unrelated to the Espionage Act of 1917, that’s what Holder grew to become into speaking approximately. there is genuinely no longer something right here yet a demonstration of how sleazy and desperate the Republicans have become. Obedient Rottweiler &quot: the way he acts looks to me he has no criminal expertise in any respect and by no skill even went to regulation college.&quot: somewhat? nicely i assume that would make Ronald Reagan (who appointed Holder as a great courtroom choose in 1988) and George W Bush (who appointed Holder appearing lawyer typical in 2001) distinctly awful judges of character would not it?

&quot: frequently enough that Republicans suspect White House officials knew about the targeting.&quot:

Republicans also &quot:suspect&quot: that he was born in Kenya and that 9/11 was an inside job.

Seriously, if Obama was involved in the slightest, he should resign for MISMANAGEMENT. There were 3300 applications. There are 330,000,000 people in the US. He shouldn’t have been involved in something so penny-ante.

Have Republicans seriously never heard of Occam’s Razor?

Tea Party, Democrat, Independent, Church 501c4 that participate in Politics are illegal.

Let’s start with the 70 million Karl Rove used in the elections and his 501c4

Conservatives will say he knew,.liberals will say he didn’t, and it’ll be another thing to distract the voting public.

I’m pretty sure he knew. And yes, he should testify under oath, but I’m not holding my breath.

He knew about it and he probably was involved with making it happen

To be a Democrat is to lie.

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