myspace blocked on school computers?

ok. so like im using computers at my school and they have myspace blocked. i need website cheats to get on myspace. cant do they already blocked it. arg &gt::[ help me.?

anything you use will be blocked in 24 hours

you should probably just wait til you get home to feed your myspace addiction instead of jeopardizing the internet secrity at your school – you can be suspended for doing that

Only LAUSD block it, well that’s what I heard.They think it’s a &quot:bad influence&quot: the only way you could see myspace is type in URL like: But you would only see your profile if it’s public or else it would say private profile. I did it while I was in the computer lab 🙂

Try these new Proxies to get you on myspace:

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You need to use a proxy unblocker website.

There is a free proxy list updated often at:
They will unblock MySpace and YouTube at school and work.

Lol luckly for you I have a solution. I have 2 computer classes at school and I need to feed my addiction. I’m in high school too so this should work for you too.

Go to

Its blocked for a reason. It was blocked when I was in school too and any site we found they just blocked it. There is no use trying just wait till you get home.

google translate myspace from arabian to english.


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