Will Obama still get 90% of the black vote?

Like he did when he won the Democratic Primary from Hillary? It kind of pisses me off that Obama won that way, there’s no way they were all voting for him because of his policies. I’m not trying to offend anyone I’m just saying that if Hillary would have gotten 90% of the white vote there would be a huge racism fiasco going on.

I doubt he will get that much. I think many minorities (as well as myself)badly want a minority to reach the rank of President, but in the end, many minorities will choose how they feel has the best chance of solving our countries problems. Obama, will still get huge minority numbers, from those that don’t care about politics and are willing to vote for a black man solely because he is black or because he is going to cater to them. A black president would be great, however, Obama is/will be a horrible choice to represent minorities in office. If he gets in, his presidency will have little successes.

this is silly its not a black or white thang….. its about there ideas and how they can help this country

Of course they will.Not like it’s going to do much good.That guy is not going to win.

his colour shouldnt get votes

Of course he will. The DNC is the new plantation for black folks.

yeah I pretty much agree with you. when something unfair happens on their end, we keep our mouths shut so a fight doesnt start, but if we do one tiny thing that they think is unfair, holy crap look out.

more than likely. Blacks just want a black president.

thats how i see it.

I don’t know but he will get 90% of the intelligent vote.

no 99 % more like it the other one % was on tv at the McCain convention didnt you see him on tv

yes he will.

~Death for my thumbs down.

I don’t consider blacks to be that nieve…
I think blacks truely care about not being in a socialist country as a trade off for race.

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