Rock and Pop: You guys know the band The Who?

What you think of this band?

Simply great! They were the epitome of rebelliousness in rock music. If you just want to sit back and get into some serious [email protected] music, this is the group for you.

some older stuff for you: 01. Dream On – Aerosmith 02. undesirable drugs – Bon Jovi 03. Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen 04. Rocket guy – Elton John 05. November Rain – weapons N’ Roses 06. consistently – Kiss 07. Bat Out Of Hell – Meat Loaf 08. Mama, i’m Coming residing house – Ozzy Osbourne 09. Jessica – The Allman Brothers Band 10. Sympathy For The devil – The Rolling Stones 11. Baba O’Riley – The Who 12. caught In A 2nd you could no longer Get Out Of – U2

Of course I know The Who! One of my favorite bands. Truly a great band right there!

As a drummer I worship Keith Moon as a god, but I don’t like the Who’s music. I find it boring. It just all sounds the same to me. But, I recognize them as one of the elite bands of history.

One of my all time favorite bands!!! I love their music so much! I wish their were some bands like this in the main stream for my poor generation, which is filled with Justin bieber and Nikki Minaj……

One of the best bands ever.

Of course. Great and very revolutionary band.

One of my top 3 all time favorite bands. Amazing vocals, guitar, bass and drums.

Fantastic band. Mostly because of Moon and Entwhistle. They are/were great.

Great band, when i listen to it i feel like i just time warped to the 70’s. it puts me in a feel good mood. 🙂 and the lyrics are AMAZING!

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