Your good friend has decided to become a vegetarian . She asks you your opinion about it …….?

Explain what you think? Do you think that it’s a good idea? Would you try to change your friend’s mind?

Do I think it’s a good idea? Of course I do, since I’m vegetarian. Would i try to change her mind? No. I don’t try to change my omnivore friends minds 9though I do serve completely vegetarian food to company.)

If I wasn’t veggie and had a friend who wanted to become vegetarian I would be supportive. I would probably study the subject, at least a little bit, because that’s the kind of person I am. I would ask if they were fine with me eating hamburgers or what ever in front of them (when we went out to eat, for example.) I wouldn’t offer them meat, candy like starbursts and skittles (they contain gelatin, which is boiled tendons and things from animals) or marshmallows.

There is nothing unhealthy about being vegetarian as long as you eat balanced. You can find veggie meals most anywhere (steak houses are the only places I can’t usually eat) You get enough protein from beans, nuts,milk, eggs, etc (the average American eats something like 4 times as much protein as they actually need.)

Hell yes i’d try talking my friend out of it !! lol Meat is a very important part of a human’s diet. Animal’s are meant to be eaten &amp: we have fang teeth for that reason also. If a persons reason for not eating meat is because they feel sorry for the animal’s, thats retarded &amp: they need to come back to earth &amp: reality. Human’s come before animal’s in the ttree of life &amp: the last time I checked, there wasnt any shortage of cows or lambs or chickens ect lol We’v not eating Panda bears here (too chewy:). If you cant change your friends mind about this exremely silly idea, then maybe they’r failing health, lack of energy &amp: ammune system weekening &amp: allowing deseased to be born easier in theyr body will.

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