You answer the phone and a voice says could i order a meal please, what would you say?

I’d say I think you have the wrong number.

Someone once rang me and asked when the next performance was, I told him it depended what time my wife got home and what mood she was in – apparently he thought he was ringing the cinema!

OMG I HAVE AN ENTIRE PACKET OF THESE THINGS BECAUSE I THOUGHT THEY WERE HILARIOUS! I BROUGHT THEM TO SCHOOL AND SHOWED MY FRIENDS AND WE DID SUM L0L!!! 30 gets me every time! heres sum more: 1. sit in the front row of class and spend the entire class period filing your teeth into sharp points. 2. leave permanent markers by the dry erase board 3. present the teacher with a large fruit basket 4. relive your junior high days by leaving chalk stuffed in the chalkboard erasers 5. every few minutes, take a sheet of notebook paper out, write sign up sheet #5 at the top, and pass it around the class 6. disassemble your pen . . accidentally propel pieces acrross the room while playing with the spring. 7. steal anything not nailed down 8. schools are abundant in wals and paint . . let every1 know this by graffiti-ing every square inch 9. rearrange the library 10. conduct &quot:scientific&quot: experiments such as observing people’s reactions when you scald them with boiling hot water. 11. find a pencil sharpener full of shavings . . remove the lid . . fling it across the room. 12. scale the school building . . threaten to jump if the faculty doesn’t meet your needs. 13. challenge your teachers to mortal combat 14. during a test, make paper airplanes out of the exam and aim them at the teacher’s left nostril. 15. every 5 minutes, stand up, collect ur things, and move to another seat ((haha me and my friends did this one)) 16. stick wet paint signs everyhwere in cluding the floors ((i made this one up l0l)) 17. draw pictures of your professor in the margins. end the paper with ‘this paper will self destruct in 10 seconds’ …. and many more ! ! ! haha i love those!!!!!!

Firstly I would ask for what time the table was reqiured then for how many then I would ask were they would like their meal to be, if they say,with your selves then I would say thats fine as long as your willing to shatre a chinese with the rest of the family and the dog.

I’m sure that you do have the abilities to order a meal but not here and then i would hang up.

Put on the drive through effect.

Talk very loudly into the phone and keep covering then uncovering the mouth piece with your hand.

Take the order inflate the price go to the take away buy it deliver and keep the profit!

I take the order and tell them it will be 20 minutes. Just for the laugh.

I always answer my phone at the house &quot:snappy cat fish and biscuits may I help you &quot:
relly freaks them out

yes but 1st may i say that u r our 100 caller 2nite and any food u order is free as long as u pick it up yourself right may i take your order

Go to a doctor

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