What is Yahoo Answers for, really? Why do people discuss religion and politics, etc?

What’s with all the jesus talk lately?

It has several purposes: Getting advice and help: getting answers to those odd, niggly questions: entertainment.

Notice the Categories. You can browse questions in a category of interest to you (Sociology, Pets, Math, TV, Pregnancy, Food, to name a very few), or see them all.

People discuss religion and politics because they have strong views on these topics.

But there are a lot of questions in a lot of other areas.

Lately? I’ve been on since summer, and there’s always been a lot of Jesus stuff on this site.

If you aren’t interested in a particular topic, don’t click the questions there, click other questions.

Or Search or browse.

What, exactly, is your question? What don’t you understand?

It has really become a place to just spout opinions, especially in the religion and politics sections. It is for genuine questions too, but since Yahoo message boards got shut down, some people use Yahoo Answers as a message board.

Three reasons for those subjects.

1) They wish to impose their views on others, convincing them they should follow their particular school of thought.

2) They are unsure of their own opinion and want to learn from others. I often express strong views that arent mine to develop an understanding of the arguments surrounding a topic.

3) People think it’s funny to upset people and get a rise out of them. Those with extreme views are generally easier to upset. Look what a cartoon of Mohammed caused!

Yahoo answer is a forum for people to share their knowledge and opinions in a safe, prejuidice free environment. In the sense that we are all equal regardless of our backgrounds… as long as we speak English or at least American English.

Yahoo answers is for any question the human mind can think of.
Sometimes those questions spark controversy, and sometimes they don’t. Whichever the case, the people on here seem to enjoy the site and regardless of the attitudes, they keep coming back. Remember, questions usually draw response, and response sometimes draws criticism.

you know jesus this jesus that we can spend a whole life time talking about it then were dead and oh no theres no jesus you mean i couldve did more drugs drank more screwed more prostitutes yeah really come on take the jesus bs out of yahoo and everywherels except that god damn cult building you justify by calling it a church

Religion, politics are the 2 items that are the most diverse and heated in this country and the world.
They spark the most debate

Because Jesus doesn’t have all the answers.

Why not? Likley because people feel like talking about those things.

if you dont like it , dont read it.

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