Should I collar or harness my Olde English Bulldogge puppy?

I ask this because he turned 3 months today, and is already a bulldozer. Very loving and affectionate, but strong. He doesn’t seem to mind the collar, but I have been told they simply are not enough to hold a full grown dogge and that a harness is in order. Please respond if you are familiar with the breed. IT IS NOT AN ENGLISH BULLDOG!!

Well, harnesses can be good and bad.

I recommend the no-pull collar/muzzle thing at petsmart. It’s a collar, but it has a small band that goes over the bridge of their noses and if they pull their head gets turned left or right….I used one for my neighbors dog when I babysat….monster of a beast labrador and I walked down the neighborhood with not one single issue of being dragged, or pulled. It doesn’t hurt them at all they can still open their mouths, chew, drink water….it just diverts them from pulling.


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Love Tyson sounds tough and mean. Suggestion: Jackson, Dixon: Tobias, Toby for short. Good luck.

its uncertain there are basically several potential answers to the question

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