If Huckabee becomes president, will he appoint Benny Hinn to the surgeon general’s post?

Banahshe buno beena labateee

Ottto manoo cantaa pulah fendo ishka

(in tongues. That said, &quot:interesting point. Perhaps &quot:Supreme court?&quot:)

I did not ask this question before, but if I ask it again would that necessarily make me acceptable? Anyways, the surgeon general can only be appointed by the president, the senate must confirm. So, if the senate confirmed after he appointed, the answer would be yes. But then again, you could change Benny Hinn to your name and the hypothetical answer would be the same. Traditionally, a medical doctor would be appointed …. (notice the word surgeon in &quot:surgeon general&quot:). So if you are not a medical doctor then don’t pack your bags for Washington and I think Benny Hinn is probaby smart enough to know that and is not on Orbitz or packing his bags, either. And I see your point that Christians are just inbred, ignorant, hypocrites that could not possibly make one wise decision or …. blah, blah, blah. For any other minority, such beliefs would be from a bigot, but since it is a Christian.

I am from Arkansas and can tell you for the most part Mike Huckabee is a balance man and I think he will appoint people whoi he feels are qualified for the position. Now some of his other views I worry about Like he wants to isolate people with Aids?

Pat Robertson as Education Secretary?

Ok, ok, funny. But seriously, Huckabee is the only one on the Republican side who seems to have any interest in health-care reform, (not just lip-service) so he’s got that going for him. I actually do hope he gets the Republican nomination (but not the election).

Peace to you.

i think it would be more fun if he appointed benny hill to the secretary of state. he could do that lazarus trick, and then we would have hours of fun watching our secretary of state stop-motion running from members of opec.

edit: it must be getting late, people are getting crabby. nappy time anyone?

no as hukabee is a Baptist and benny Hinn isn’t

Huckabee – Hinn! …. hee,hee,hee.

My word, get real! This election is serious. Asking questions like this isn’t really funny. We need to be thinking about real issues!

If you had a few more brain cells, would you cease to be an idiot?

Are you telling me that a Christian is any less worthy to be president than a non Christian? Your bias and narrow mindedness is petty.

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