Why do Republicans criticize Bill Clinton?

why do Republicans detest Bill Clinton’s presidency when he ended his presidential career with a 65% approval rating, the highest end-of-term approval rating of any President since Eisenhower.

Because he beat them. He balanced the budget when their guys failed to. He succeeded in passing welfare reform. He oversaw an economic boom. He was popular at home and abroad. They tried as hard as they could to get rid of him–historically, the only parallels were how opponents viewed Jefferson, FDR and Lincoln–and he beat them again. He accomplished a lot of what they claimed he wouldn’t even try to do, and which they didn’t even try when they had the chance. He negotiated with them, and came out on top. He also didn’t see the world in terms of World War Two or even the Cold War. They also probably resented the fact he was one of the most brilliant presidents in recent history (the man was a Rhodes scholar after all) and that his wife was a distinguished figure in her own right.

Mind you, not all Republicans hated or hate him. Evidently he and former President Bush actually got to be friends.

Eight years of dangerous miscalculations by the Clinton administration (with a leg-up from Jimmy Carter’s disastrous foreign policy in Iran) allowed Islamic extremists to develop terrorist networks powerful enough to hold a number of Middle Eastern governments captive to their extremist and bloodthirsty ideology.

During 2001, the economic slowdown had turned into a genuine recession while Clinton was still the president.

When Bush took office, he was criticized for sticking with his tax-cut pledge. When Bush took office in January of 2001 the recession had already started. When Bush signed his tax cut on June 7 that year the economy was shrinking even more rapidly.

The Bush tax cut was very well timed. For the first quarter of 2001 the economy was shrinking by more than half a percent: during the second quarter it was shrinking at about three times that rate. Then, at the end of that quarter, Bush signed his tax cut and the economy turned the corner almost immediately: the rate of shrinkage went down two-thirds in the next quarter and the economy has grown every quarter since then.

Oh, for the affection of Mike! You Pseudo-Libs are the main skinny-skinned, paranoid bunch in the worldwide! no one has yet criticized Clinton for taking a airplane holiday and bringing the two journalists homestead. yet once you human beings think of he did that one and all with the aid of his own little self, you’re additionally the main naive bunch in the worldwide. North Korea has made something of a small cottage marketplace of kidnapping human beings, between others, and protecting them for ransom. for this reason, the ransom could have been some variety of a commerce with our government. awaken and scent the cod’s wallop, honey, this element grew to become into mapped out earlier Clinton ever have been given on the airplane.

You are funny. He ended his career with a 65% democratic approval rating. If I were you I would stop praising him and be embarrassed. That idiot was almost impeached for crying out loud. (or did you forget that too) He was well liked because he avoided many issues that we are now paying for today. Plain fact….He was a wimp and didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. Did you know that Osama Bin Laden was captured at least 2 times and was offered to the US (because they knew of his plan to bomb the US) and Clinton didn’t want to be bothered because he had his own personal problems to worry about. Get your facts straight!

Actually Skippy, I think you are watching way too much TV. Are you related to Michael Moore? You two must be soul mates.

It’s not about approval ratings. It’s about the effect of decisions that he made that are just now revealing themselves to be problematic.

I had the displeasure of meeting and performing for him when I was an oboist in our symphony. He comes across as a smooth, charismatic person, but there is something about him that made me very uneasy, and still does. I don’t feel comfortable putting my trust in the man.

So you think Bill Clinton is above criticism? Really? Maybe you you ‘think’ Bill Clinton, or perhaps any Democrat in general, must be loved and admired without question, but nobody is perfect. Bill Clinton is criticized by people who disagreed with his policies and take issue with his behavior.

From the rep POV he was not their president so of course they would criticize him. IOTTMCO.

There might be a few that are jealous of the approval rating or angry that the public would like him. However I don’t think there are too many.

I didn’t agree with Clinton on many policy issues but as a president he was a great example. That whole thing with the interns…I expect that of most politicians so maybe my standards in that area are too low. 🙂

He only achieved such a high level because he tried hard not do do anything during his presidency. All that happened was Waco, Tim MacVeigh, WTC Bombings and Bosnia..

While he was playing slap a**, the cole got hit &amp: he sent 2 rockets and a camel and an outhouse then thought, that’ll teach’em. He’s a lier and has no backbone just like the other libs.

Maybe it was because we were glad he was going? His numbers had dropped to the mid 30’s before that. But we criticize him because of things he did and didn’t do. Those poll numbers mean nothing to me. I didn’t like him still don’t and never will.

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