Why are Police Officers so arrogant and condescending?

That’s the reason that officer insisted on arresting that Professor in his own home. If a Pol. Off. thinks that you are not showing them the proper respect that they feel their badge deserves, they will antagonize, disrespect, and arrest you. I’ve experienced it. Why do Cops think that they deserve SO MUCH respect? They can come in your home, talk down to you, shout at you, man-handle you, and you have absolutely no rights against them. It’s unfair and the ‘power trip’ that this behavior creates is the reason why so many Cops take situations too far. I don’t think it’s racism. I think it’s egotism. And it’s dangerous. What do you think?

Cops aren’t going to own up to this kind of treatment. And most people won’t agree with you till it happens to them. In my state Cops have tasered two teens who died on the ground cause they were yelling and talking loudly and that constituted &quot:disorderly conduct&quot:. They tased and killed a grandmother for the same reason. What about the officer who pulled over the NFL star who was speeding to the hospital cause his mother-in-law was dying, and the officer actually stopped him, detained him and would not listen to him at all. His mother-in-law died while he was being harassed by a Police Officer for speeding to the hospital. And what about the pregnant women who attempted to drive herself to the hospital cause she was having a medical emergency? Again Cops stopped her for speeding, would not listen to her when she said she was pregnant and needed to get to the hospital, when she wouldn’t get FACE-DOWN on the ground (cause she was pregnant) they threw her down, arrested her and took her into custody. Her baby died while she was in custody that night.

At what point is raising your voice &quot:disorderly conduct&quot:? Or is it simply &quot:disobedience&quot: cause they told you to &quot:Shut Up&quot: or &quot:Get Down&quot:? And why is it that Cops don’t have to listen to you at all? They don’t even want to pretend to care what you have to say….



Would you or people you know be less, equally, or more arrogant as officers? If people can be this arrogant TO officers, picture them AS officers. And you might have a better appreciation for what officers do. If you feel they don’t listen, there is a number of reasons:
* They’ve heard it and you’re repeating.
* Nothing you say will change the outcome.
* You’re emotional and insulting or exaggerating. People do this when pointing out how innocent they are and how much guiltier someone else is.
* That is not the time for your story. Or your story might taint someone else’s story who is present.
If police were not arrogant, then suspects would run their scenes. People seize opportunities and they’ll waste time (time is important, only so many officers to help others with THEIR problems) and jeopardize an investigation because the officer was too nice to say &quot:shut up.&quot: And officers typically operate on an &quot:ask, tell, make&quot: basis. &quot:Sir, would you please sit down?&quot: &quot:Sit down!&quot: Make him.

OK, your point of view is tainted.
1. Police were called by a neighbor about a burglary in progress.
2. When they arrived, they asked the person what he was doing there?
3. He said he live here.
4. When asked for ID, (substantiation of fact / probable cause-show me what you say is true) Dr then played the race card.
Having been a cop, the first thing is the power and authority thing, it takes your breath away, one day your stopped by and officer, next day your the arresting officer.
It is a change in contrast. Yes some do overact, like Mom and Dad or a Drill Sgt did, but not all do.
If you only knew, the actual power an officer actually does have and never had cause to enforce, it would scare you, really literlly scare you.
Interestingly you say RESPECT, the officers respect each person they stop, then when they ask for compliance, to some very simple, easy to answer questions, it is then, some people feel, they do not have to be asked about anything and end up being stupid and resist.
So in my shoes what would you have done next?
Let us say for converation sake, this was not the professor and was a burglary suspect. Would you walk away when he said I live here?
Respect is a two way street, I respect everyone, but: when you disrespect me and my job, then we just make it a little tougher.
99% of the people will respect and get respect back, then there is that 1%, who want a federal case out of stopping a person, legal (not for me)
They feel, by asking for an ID or whatever, I just violated their rights? The rights of my citizens, within that patrol area I have been assigned too that day,within that neighborhood, safety for them comes first.
I think that Dr, I am, you should know who I am attitude, I am Obama’s friend attitude, do you know how many times, in my lifetime, I have heard, I know the chief, commissioner, president? (Since Nixon on to Bush-Daddy Bush I use to hear this, so nice too know you know somebody) The there is the &quot:I have your badge number, your name.&quot: And that is why I have to wear it, so you can report me, if you feel violated, but: if you feel violated when I ask for your name, different story huh?
Oh and why do they spell my name wrong always?
Yes, you have a valid point about some people, they do not know how to handle power and authority, but: again I can say, I see this happening, more with top very young, want to be boss, business executives (My children and now grandchildrens Bossess (Azzhose)
If you do as the officer asks, then more then likely that will end it all.

check out the Stanford Prison Experiment, you can google it and get more details but the general study showed the following…

&quot:Twenty-four male students out of seventy-five were selected to take on randomly assigned roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. The participants adapted to their roles well beyond Zimbardo’s expectations, as the guards enforced authoritarian measures and ultimately subjected some of the prisoners to psychological torture. Many of the prisoners passively accepted psychological abuse and, at the request of the guards, readily harassed other prisoners who attempted to prevent it. The experiment even affected Zimbardo himself, who, in his role as the superintendent, permitted the abuse to continue. Two of the prisoners quit the experiment early and the entire experiment was abruptly stopped after only six days. Certain portions of the experiment were filmed and excerpts of footage are publicly available.&quot:

-wiki excerpt

I’m gonna say that U have determined (with the help of media bias &amp: input) that the police officer was in the wrong.

Based on the facts of the case:

+there was a report of someone breaking into Professor Gates’ home.
+Professor Gates arrived home from a trip late at night &amp: couldn’t get into his house, he had to jimmy the lock to get in (some might say that he broke in).
+Three Policemen responded — one white, one hispanic &amp: one black. The white one went to the door &amp: confronted Professor Gates. He relayed the information that there was a report of a break-in at this residence &amp: asked the professor to step outside.
+The professor informed the officer that he lived at this residence. He also mentioned something about &quot:Yo Mama.&quot: to Sgt. Crowley.
+The officer asked for some identification to verify Professor Gates did in fact live there.
+Professor Gates responded with, &quot:Why? Because I’m a Black man living in an upper-class neighborhood? Don’t U know who I am?&quot:
+The Professor proceeded to state that he wanted to know the name of the officer &amp: his badge number &amp: to get the chief of police on the phone right now. The good professor continued to &quot:carry on&quot: loudly &amp: started to draw a &quot:crowd&quot: of a few curious onlookers – hence his arrest for disorderly conduct.
+The other officers (hispanic &amp: black) reiterated that the white officer made a good arrest – followed procedure &amp: verified his accounting of all details.

The professor was NOT arrested IN HIS OWN HOME – he was arrested outside it.

I’m sorry U feel that way about police officers &amp: have had bad experiences with the police. There are bad apples in the bunch – they aren’t perfect – they are human after all &amp: sometimes make mistakes. In the case above, I don’t believe any mistake was made. The cop followed the book &amp: made a good arrest when Professor Gates became disorderly in public.

Police officers are sworn to uphold &amp: adhere to the law – they enforce the law – so your rights should be protected &amp: preserved with police interaction – not taken away from you (unless you have broken the law &amp: they are arresting you, then it gets a little tricky).

There is a universal truth that all Law Enforcement Officers have to deal with on a regular basis, and that is: People Lie! Nine out of ten times when people are approached by a Police Officer and questioned, their first inclination is to lie.So they have to verify the information they receive from the one being questioned.
In the incident you were referring to, the Officer never threatened the professor with his authority, but the black professor told the Officer many times that he would use his (the professor’s) influence to destroy the Officer’s career. ( I read a copy of the actual report filed by the Officer and confirmed by the black officers on the scene). The professor, not the Officer, was the aggressor in the event, and the Officer conducted himself with due authority by placing the professor under arrest for disorderly conduct and failure to provide identification, not because of his disrespect to the Officer, but for violating the law, and causing a public disturbance in the neighborhood, just like he would have done had it been a white man in the same situation. On the other hand, if there had been a burglary in progress and the police had not arrived in time to stop it, the professor would have thrown a fit that the police did not respond in a timely manner because he was black. When it comes to black people, the Police can never do anything right.

I think that the attitude we see in many police officers is a result of the power they are given over other people. It has even been proven by several studies that perfectly normal, decent people can become monsters when given total power over their fellow human beings.
I come from a troubled family (and neighborhood for that matter) so i have encountered many different types when it comes to the police. The ugliest of these encounters occurred after i had just turned thirteen, when my mom took me to the hospital because i was sick and dangerously underweight. I was scared so i was given a sedative and left alone in a dark examination room while my mom talked to the nurse. I waited for hours and became bored so i started investigating a the room, picking up objects and looking at them. I dropped a bottle of fluid by accident. When the nurse came in and saw the mess i guess she though i did it on purpose or something because the next thing i knew i was screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs while being forcibly dragged away by four huge police officers. I don’t know if i pissed them off with my screaming or if the violent strip-search those four men subjected me to was standard procedure at that hospital’s pysch ward. Afterwards, my parents tried to take the issue to court but there was no way in hell i wanted to talk to complete strangers about what happened to me that night, so they dropped it. I would probably have hated police officers from that point onward if i had not met so many kind and helpful officers later on in my life. However, i definitely agree that the law could do well to stop treating innocent people (especially children) like criminals.

I don’t think we have all the facts. Just many many opinions. Including our president’s opinion. The police have a difficult job obviously. If the professor was still on vacation outside the country and someone else was spotted entering the house through a window, I am sure that the professor would have wanted whoever it was to be asked outside for questions.

If you were a police officer and spotted someone climbing in through a window at your neighbor’s house, what would you do?

I’d like to add that speaking loudly and arguing is not discussing. I am glad that this incident is creating dialogue. That did not happen years ago. Perhaps we are gradually maturing in this country…

because their type couldn’t hacked it at anything. from a high school sport.to joining the military. so they become PIGS. and once they taste the nectar or Power. well you’ll see them shooting unarmed man.taze skateboarding kids! slamming pregnant women on the ground and the list of brutality goes on and on. I sat &quot: Afuck the police!!!!!

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