Is war ever justified?

Is war ever justified?

When your enemy is determined to destroy you or control you, and will not listen to logic, the only recourse is force.
I have and will in the future stand-up and be willing to give my life to our way of life. I do not my children live in an oppressive society, or live at a lower standard of life.
The same people that say war is never justified, are the same people that will not defend themselves or their family if attacked.
We did not have to fight the war for independence, we could have continued to live under the rule of the king–no freedom of speech, or religion, or right to not have troops housed and feed in our homes, or no right to refuse our personal property seizure by the king.
We did not have to fight the war of 1812, we could have said we changed our minds and would accept English’s King rule.
Oh, and let us not forget the Civil War, we could have allowed slavery to continue in our country.
History is full of countries that disappeared because the people lost the will to fight.
If someone points a gun at me, I will attempt to shoot first and kill them, I will not wait for them to shoot first.

Well, as an AMerican, I’m glad for the Revolutionary War. I think the Civil War was necessary to keep our country together. Since I lost much of my family that lived in Lithuania and Poland, during the Holocaust, I feel that (WW2) was a necessary and justifiable war. That said, I don’t think it’s for those of us who come after to determine which wars are justified. It’s for the people of a nation who are suffering some degree of opression to determine whether a war is necessary or not. My grandparents lived in Saigon for the latter part of the 50’s and 60’s. WHen the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, many of their friends were killed by the North Vietnamese. I had a friend in high school (1975) who barely escaped the country with hers and her father’s life. War is justified, oftentimes, regardless of what &quot:after&quot: generations decide. I think that what could use some improvement is &quot:how&quot: those wars are fought… or the strategies used in accomplishing a mission… and even there, who am I, besides just another armchair politician, to determine how a war should be fought.

Yes, war is justified sometimes. However, in order to avoid a war you have to convince an opponent that you are more than ready to go at any time. That is why a strong military is a deterrant.

War is never justified.

WW II you pose as an example was not justified. It was not just for Hitler, Mussolini and other Axis Fascists to invade other countries.

It was justified to repel the enemy. The war came to us. There was no choice.

The war in Iraq brought about by the US, UK etc invasion was a war taken to Iraq in an act of aggression. This was in no way a war of defense as the invaders would have you believe. We are all aware of the lies leading to the invasion of Iraq, or should be. This invasion had nothing to do with 9/11 and you can look to the CIA and the FBI and MI5 etc to find out the truth of this.

Without war there would be no peace. There would most likely not be a America as it is now, freedom and justice for all. All wars are supposed to be justified by the President of the US. We may not understand their justification, but we did vote them in hencefore we gave them and entrusted them with the power. Voting makes all the difference.

Wars are how we have been settling disputes since before the Stone Age.
It wouldn’t be justifiable if you can up an alternative.
If you do have an alternative send an email to the Pentagon, they should get right on it.
Otherwise, we going to keep on throwing rocks at each other.

You’re damn right it sometimes is. If you have no principles worth fighting and possibly risking death for you have no real principals. You are mere chattel to be used and discarded. If you are referring to the &quot:Iraq war&quot: I think that is a mischaracterization of reality. It may be that the fighting is in Iraq but we’re not fighting Iraqis. We’re fighting insurgents/terrorists mostly from other middle eastern countries. This is a world war declared by them against the infidel west but most particularly the U.S. and Israel. The only peace they are interested in is the kind won through victory. Theirs. The only way we survive is by Killing them all and letting Allah sort them out.

In a perfect world, no.

In a perfect world, everyone would agree that war is not the answer. However, the moment that one person decides to use violent means to intimidate other people, it gives them an unfair advantage over the rest of the world.

So…war is inevitable.

Ask the Jews, Poles of Europe in 1939

Ask the Cambodians

Ask the Falkland Islanders

Ask the Kurds

Yes it is sometimes. WWII for example – the Allied nations went to war to defend against the Axis. It is not ALWAYS justified though.

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