If Rosie O’Donnel created a designer fragrance, what would it be named?

Welcome to YAWal-Mart! Rolling back prices every day on beauty and garden essentials! Todays special, only $6.37 for a gallon jug of Rosie’s Grizzly Bear Pisss!! Guaranteed to keep those pesky deer and neighbors out of your tomato garden!! Matter of fact, it’s even guaranteed to keep yourself out of it! Featured on the Rosie Show, but the cameramen were standing so far away that even the zoom lens didn’t work very well… but their savings on advertising costs are passed on to consumers!

Hog Wild, I would like to add I would not buy anything that woman was attached to.

Essance de Poissons

Essence of Azz.

O’de Phew!

She would call it Stinky on my Pinky


she does fragrance wrong…….

&quot:The Great White….Fragrance&quot:….!!


it would prolly end up being a mens odor tho…shes more man than anything i can compare her to

burger king grease

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